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Dangerous and powerful, all-male beasts.



The Baelung is sometimes thought as a beast, to others it is a demon. The demon-beast possibly originates from Haya, as it is especially known for the rape of humanoids, generally of the female sex. These demon-creatures are rarely seen in the Empire. They are sometimes called Tikbalang. These beasts are not stupid, nor can they be called truly intelligent. They are incapable of speaking the common tongue, but possess minds that seem to be able to be touched by Mystics.

[top]Physical Appearance

The Baelung is a large creature, and resembles a minotaur in that it has the body of a humanoid, but instead of a bull's head and feet, it has a horse's. It stands tall, at no less than 7' and up to as much as 10', boasting a very powerful and muscular body.

Their eyes glow dark crimson, the color of blood under the moonlight it is said. Their skin is tough, and is as strong as leather. Rough hair covers their body on the legs and arms, as well as their head as a glorious mane and tail.

If they were not so savage and destructive in nature as well as having an aura of darkness and lust when normally encountered, they could almost be called to look like quite majestic creatures as had been observed once before when the creature in question was unaware of the observer's presence.

[top]Climate and Terrain

The creature is generally found in forested areas, especially ones that border pathways or roads and populated areas. They can be found in temperate climates, as there have been no sightings of them in colder regions.


Baelung are said to feast on the anguish and emotional torment of their enemies while they rape them, deriving more energy and strength from the struggle.


While they once fought in small groups during the Cyraxian invasion, in lore, all sightings afterward are of lone creatures. Thus it is believed that they are loners with no exception.


These monstrous beings are gifted with superhuman strength, easily matching that of a small giant, drawing their strength from both their physical size and from spirit energies. They are incapable of using skill-reliant weapons such as bows due to their lack of control over their finer motor skills, and are noted to only use weapons like clubs and other crude weapons, though they are most proficient at using their bare fists and their legs in combat.

The Baelung are proficient in brawling, and can tear apart a fully armored man if given a chance. Their fighting style is maddened and unpredictable, but it is a sight that no one will live to tell about unless the creature had been slain. They are faster and more agile then any beast their size, and combined with their brutal strength this makes for a foe that cannot be anything less then deadly.
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[top]Special Abilities

They have the ability to be able to hide in the shadows of the woods as well as any expert ranger can, and are stealthy beings especially in the night. This ability seems to border on the supernatural, and considering what they are, it is likely that their shadow-walking ability is.

When not seen they can generate an aura of lust and arousal, and direct that sensation to any victim within their sight that is difficult for most to resist, to lure the victim towards them. They seem to derive more energy from the rape of their victims, though it is unknown what they use this energy for. The process by which they draw this energy is not quite known, but it seems to be an instinctive by-product of their actions.


They are somewhat weaker against the arcane arts of Thaumaturgy and Druidism, but somewhat resistant to the effects of Mysticism. They are vulnerable in particular to the effects of Song, though its effects can either work more effectively or simply drive the creature mad and more uncontrollably enraged.
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[top]Other Notable Information

During the ancient wars against the Cyraxians, there were records of small numbers of these creatures prowling the land. While the stories are far fewer in number compared to their "cousins" the minotaurs, they are no less brutal and violent in the deeds, if not more so. Curiously enough, unlike the minotaurs, all the Baelung spotted have been males, and none of the female kind.


Credit goes to Mizushin Junzo

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