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Avins Steppes


The Avins Steppes Territory



The Avins Steppes encompass the vast grasslands and tundras north of the Mountains of Daruuk. The traditional homeland of the Linn Feanii humans, the Steppes are also inhabited by settlements of Medonian humans and dorins.


The history of the Avins Steppes is unknown.


The Avins Steppes do not have a capital of their own, but are controlled from the Xet capital of Archaxetas.


The Avins Steppes are divided into three regions.
Avinsmar Prairie
The Avinsmar prairie is a vast grassland through which runs the River Raxley and its tributaries.
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Steppe of Asra
The Steppe of Asra encompasses the northwestern peninsula jutting out from the Avinsmar Prairie.
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The region of Hjadrskmore includes the northeastern peninsula jutting out from the Avinsmar Prairie, and is dominated by the Hjadrskmore Glacier.
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[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the territory of the Avins Steppes.
A human port town that acts as the major point of contact between the Xet homeland to the south and the Avins Steppes.
Avinstown is the only Linn Feanii settlement within Xet territory.
A human agricultural town in the northern prairies.



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