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A small town in the Confederation of Sherian that serves as a tributary to orcs from the Khardran Mountains.



Autumnus is a provincial agrarian town in the wooded foothills of the Khardran Mountains, near the Enamorian border. Autumnus is surrounded by farms in the foothills with woods farther out toward the mountains and to the south. The town itself is small and provincial. Autumnus is built in radials around the small but fortified castle, Empire Castellum, the seat of the dux and regional administration.


In the early years of the Darkening's End the town was raided and destroyed by the orcs of Ire, and the survivors moved largely to Breecetoun and Narim. The Hardscrabble region was then partly administered from Breecetoun, while areas closer to the Orckon Forest and in the Khardran foothills fell somewhat into lawlessness.

The area of the town was obtained by Vylle Fyrrialt from then-Governor Nell du'Galle on a renewable 99-year lease. With the Kaldres Construction company he then began the reconstruction of Autumnus. Much of Autumnus' new population was drawn from Autumnthorpe, Dornvale, eastern Enamoria, and later, refugees from Narim following its sacking by the orcs.

As the Sherian Wars continued, Autumnus was occupied by Ire and the region was under Orckish control until the defeat of Ire, at which point the reconstruction of Autumnus was completed with the provincial government.

However, as the province was later largely abandoned in the aftermath of the wars, the population of Autumnus quickly began to decline. Many became refugees fleeing towards the other provinces of the Empire, whereas still others fell to the undead and orcs that roamed the land. Eventually, the remnants of Autumnus were besieged and conquered by orcs from the Khardran Mountains, forcing them to become a tributary.
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Autumnus is the marketplace and depot for most goods produced in the Hardscrabble. Lumber, stone, and other goods produced in the area are taken by merchants primarily to Breecetoun and previously Daltina and Narim.

[top]Local Government

Despite being a tributary, Autumnus adheres to the same government structure as the Aelyrian Empire with a thane in a position of power in the city.
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  • Population: 4,000 750
  • Culture: Humans
  • Trade: Agriculture and Lumber
  • Landmarks: Empire Castellum


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