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Aulonaids are a subspecies of the broader nymph race. They are land nymphs. These nymphs make their homes in grassy fields, meadows, prairies, deserts, and other similar locations. The natural elements that grace the features of these nymphs tend to be clusters of flower blossoms, long blades of grass, and, if they reside in the desert, cacti. The coloration of these nymphs always matches their location and tends to change with the seasons. Common eye and hair colors are shades of brown and gold as well as grass green, though purples and yellow variations are not unheard of in particularly flowery areas.
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[top]Unique Abilities

Due to their closeness with open spaces, Auloniads are extremely fast runners, though they can only maintain their top speeds for short bursts before exhausting themselves. They also have the ability to wind speak, which works by whispering into the winds and transporting their message to any nymph that is in their space. They can receive messages in the same way and have very good hearing because of it. These nymphs make their homes in the ground, living beneath the grasses.

[top]Unique Weaknesses

Auloniads are extremely susceptible to fire and are prone to exhaustion and overexerting themselves due to their speed. If these nymphs are from a region where it snows and their locations are blanketed in snow, Auloniads will feel sluggish and operate slowly in the wintertime.


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