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Rocky terrain in Atlantia
A region in the Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl.



The Atlantia region is an oddly portioned segment of the Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl, stretching from the ghost town of Atlantia and wrapping itself around and along the rivers spawned from the River Lylles. It curves along the fungal forest south of the Dejara Monastery and ends along the border that separates Lauryl from the newly formed Moonstone province. It is differentiated purely by the rock landscape that dominates the whole of it, rough limestone that recent acidic rainfalls in the region have carved with channels and hollows.

With the rock fragile and malleable, the rock has become thin in places and to the dismay of some, it has been discovered that there are underground caverns beneath the rock, carved out by thick columns of Black Fog during the Xetan Invasion. Sinkholes have formed in some places, making Atlantia a dangerous place to travel to those less alert to the risks.


Once a region that boasted the seat of power for the Lylles Family, Atlantia has recently seen destruction in the guise of the Xetan Invasion, when the Black Fog crept over the province, killing not only the people who lived there but the flora and fauna of the region as well. The Black Fog has devoured the landscape, altering the terrain from the arable and livable into a place of barren rock.
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The Atlantia region is largely made up of flat, cracked rockland, starting at the edge of the region where it meets with the stone forests of the Oakpine Preserve and ending, gradually tapering off, as it reaches the Forest of Light region. The rock is fragile limestone and in places the sparse acidic rain that has begun to fall on the region has weakened the rock, creating dangerous sinkholes and feeble rock surfaces that may cause troubles to travelers.

The climate of Atlantia sees a variety of climates due its location between the southern marshes and the northern desert. Depending on the weather currents, Atlantia may be dry one day and humid the next. It is not uncommon for long stretches of drought to strike the reason in the summer, then to all of a sudden bursts of thunderous, acidic rainfall before the dry heat settles in again.

Summers are known to be hot, spring and autumn comfortable, with winter sometimes being uneventful with the sudden onset of a snowstorm.

Natural Hazards
  • Unexpected breaks in the rock
  • Very little freshwater access
  • No shade from intense summer heat and sun
  • Flash storms
  • Acid rainfall
  • Sinkholes
  • Rock giving way to underground cavern systems

Unnatural Hazards
  • Rocklings
  • Pockets of Black Fog underground

[top]Land Use

A place scoured now by acidic rainfalls that are creating hollows and channels in the rock, the only benefit to the stone that covers the full expanse of Atlantia is that the stone seems to be made up predominantly of limestone.
Natural Resources
  • Limestone

[top]Points of Interest

The main areas of interest within the Altantia region.
Cities and Towns


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