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Astral Plane

Practitioners of Arcana know well enough the origin of their powers: the chaotic energies of the Astral Plane, a realm of infinite swirling essences the colors of the wind. When entering a state of meditative trance, mages are actually engaging in a spiritual projection of their inner energy, or Vis, into the alternate Astral Plane. Therein, mortal minds perceive only eight Essence Planes, all interwoven with the fabric of the transitive Astral Plane. These planes each are infinite repositories of Ara, or energy building-blocks, of all matter in the Material Plane.
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[top]The Planes

Plane of Elements: Flanked on its four corners by the Fonts of Fire, Earth, Air and Water, the Essence Plane of the Elements is home to the Elementals, sentient noncorporeal beings fabricated entirely of the elemental essence that they personify.

Plane of Force: A violent and catalysmic sea of energy storms, the Essence Plane of Force is a chaotic realm of pure strands of willed energy.

Plane of Nature: Origin of all mortal life, the Essence Plane of Nature is built upon the foundation of a finite but beautiful and expressive existence.

Plane of Order: The Essence Plane of Order is a realm of light and structure, home to Caelesti.

Plane of Entropy: An inverted plane, the Essence Plane of Entropy is a chaotic and broken realm, rebounding upon itself in turmoil and decline.

Plane of Thought: A vast marshland of open space, the Essence Plane of Thought is ruptured in the explosive charges of lightning and synaptic forces.



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