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The metropolitan center of the Church of Aslan in the United Arium Directorate.

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Sitting along the banks of the River Carmelya between the Great Mountains and the Sea of Eunesia sits Aslangrad, a city once lost in history over six hundred years ago and only recently returned to the present timeline. It now stands in between Estelgorod in the north and Vortex to its south. The city built out in a concentric style from the central Kremlin, the heart of the municipal and religious leadership.


Formerly known as Hespax, the city was once the capital of the now-defunct Hesperian Confederation, a loose alliance of otherwise independent city-states. Under the leadership of the Archprelate Maximilian, it grew into a bustling economic and trade port on the River Carmelya and stirred with religious fervor. The city's leadership soon fell to corruption and greed, and was attacked by forces under Wessex de Evile IV and was about to be destroyed when the entire city and its inhabitants were suddenly "winked" out of existence, and lost in time—presumably forever.

Inexplicably, the city of Aslangrad and its people returned to the present timeline only recently and has begun the road to its recovery. Already the city's religious leadership has begun to exert their influence on the city and its province at large.


Predominantly human in population, Aslangrad's culture is stringently traditional and religious. Edicts expelling other races and worshippers of gods other than Aslan are common, and the city remains intolerant to the point of being militant of any who are not part of their traditional population of humans and share their religious beliefs. Severe classism and misogyny is also rampant.

[top]Local Government

The city of Aslangrad does not follow the traditional Aelyrian system of municipal government, utilizing instead the religious leadership of the Archprelate of the Church of Aslan and its other offices to rule. There is an aedile present, but justice and law are upheld by arms of the church.
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  • Population: 300,000 permanent inhabitants, some transitory merchant population. Many have left after the recent edicts banning any but humans.
  • Culture: Predominantly human and intolerant of other races or religious creeds. Stringently classist and promote female subservience to males.
  • Economy: Struggling. Still trying to stabilize with to the present time. Individuals can only rise financially with the backing of the Church of Aslangrad. (Individuals: Bronze – Ardentium Tier, Businesses: Tin – Silver Tier).
  • Trade: Main riverport for interior Arium, with nearby raw and crafted resources.
  • Landmarks: Sveta Aslankirk, Svet Castle


Original research and writing by Shalafi, written by Charybdis

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