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Aslan, the Aetherian God of Honor and Truth.

Aslan, the World-Bound Prince



One of the youngest gods in the Aetherian pantheon, Aslan is the son of Ioannes, making him the Prince of Aetheria. He is the embodiment of Truth and Honor, representing the warrior who seeks to protect his fatherís realm and cleanse the world of the Aeternian taint which he heatedly abhors. He is incorruptible and cannot be lied to, given his creation of and connection to Sonos, the demi-plane of Truth. It is said that the fate of Aetheria lies in his hands; should Aslan ever fall, Aetheria will follow.
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It is believed that Aslan was one of the last gods created in Aetheria, well after the pantheon had been established and perhaps even after Jorelís fall. Some hold that Ioannes decided to father Aslan purposely to counteract the Aeternian menace, imbuing him with all the powers and characteristics that would allow him to actively combat Jorel and the others on both divine and the Material Plane.
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Controversy abounds about the identity of Aslanís mother. The publicly-accepted version by the Church of the Faith is Diana; others have proposed Carmelya or Materna. Due to Aslanís unbridled, unfaltering, and single-minded allegiance to Ioannes, it is also theorized that he has no mother at all but instead was created solely from Ioannesí mind.

Aslanís sole purpose is to defend Aetheria. As a result, he crafted Sonos, a demiplane meant to exist as a defensive buffer between Aetheria, the Material Plane, and Aeternia. He also took immediate interest in the doings of mortals, empowering holy warriors and, at their deaths, defending them before their judgment at the Sun Throne and gathering their souls on Sonos to form an army. Despite this, Orod, the God of Logic and Prophecy, foresaw that that Maj the new Arch-Archon would be the one to destroy Aeternia at the end of time. Aslan was bitterly disappointed. This forever created a divide between Aslan and most of the rest of Aetheria, leaving only his allegiance to his father.
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His attention shifted almost entirely to the Material Plane as he continued to seek out the strongest and most righteous of warriors to add to his cause, which included such names as Caron and his three sons. When Aetheria was attacked during the Eclipse of Chaos, Aslan was the first to respond, single-handedly keeping back the brunt of the Aeternian forces. He was also the only one recognize Didis and to try to stop Diana before she attacked Haya, an event which led to her inversion to the Goddess of Iniquity and eventual destruction. He since returned to Sonos and continued his quest to strengthen the defense of Aetheria against possible future attacks.
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Aslan is the embodiment of Truth and Honor, making him the patron of holy warriors and many sects of righteous paladins. As Prince of Aetheria, he is second only in rank to his father Ioannes and considered Aetheriaís strongest and mightiest of warriors. He tolerates no weakness, corruption, or deception among himself or his adherents and is considered to be the only immortal incapable of being misled or inverted into darkness. He is in constant opposition to all things Aeternian but has a particular hatred for Meephos due to the latterís constant meddling in mortal affairs.

Given his distaste and distrust for most other Aetherians, Aslanís interests lie primarily in the Material Plane. He often indirectly strengthens warriors whose causes are just and call upon his name in the heat of battle. He has also been known to send help to such figures in the form of his demigods or other immortal beings. Forged for and by combat, Aslan inspires courage in his followers to never retreat or falter from their causes. He takes particular interest in those that actively fight and seek to cleanse the world of any Aeternian taint. Should any of his faithful die, Aslan will defend their souls when standing eternal judgment in order to add them to his growing army in Sonos.

Actual appearances by Aslan on the Material Plane are completely unheard of; it is far more common for Aslan to exert his influence by empowering mortals rather than directly speaking or interacting with them. Religious art always represents Aslan as a warrior, armored and armed, glowing in the holy light of Aetheria and the truth of Sonos, with eyes said to pierce to the very nature of the soul with a single glance.

[top]Religious Organization

As Prince of Aetheria, veneration of Aslan is encouraged by the Church of the Faith and is widespread throughout the Aelyrian Empire. His temples dot many towns and cities and are frequented by the faithful warriors and priests. The Tenets of Aslan, a code of chivalry and honorable warfare, is taught to every fledgling knight and paladin and considered one of the central dogmas of the military branches of the Church of the Faith.
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Most worshippers of Aslan tend to be knights, priests or paladins, their noble and honourable virtues guiding their ways to better the world and the people around them. All Aslanites are bound by a strict code of honour. They seek to destroy their enemies and to eliminate those who would disrupt the order and cause chaos in their world, in particular, Jorelites and Jalatines who tend to be their most prominent religious opponents.
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There are no official holidays celebrated in Aslanís name. It is thought, however, that wherever Aeternian influence is crushed by any means, Aslan is venerated. While not a craftsman, Aslan maintains a wide array of holy weapons both offensive and defensive crafted by Caron and Cetheron including the Chains of Aslan.
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[top]Notable Figures

While Aslan does not manifest on the Material Plane, he does often send help to his followers in the form of demigods or other immortal creatures. Most significantly, Aslan raised Caron and his three sons to the status of demigods, or archons, all of which have been known to repeatedly appear on the Material Plane to assist the faithfulís causes.
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Caron: Aslanís finest soldier, Caron is the guardian of the Citadel of Truth upon the plane of Sonos. He is father to Toras, Vrenik and Rysen, the Heralds of Aslan. Caron is also rumoured to have been Aslan's very first Champion and was given the title of the Guardian of Sonos after he died. No mortal record of Caron's existence within the Aelyria has ever been recovered.

Toras: The eldest son of Caron, Toras is the keeper of the Lionís Helm. He is rumoured to hold all the courage of Aslanís fallen within his heart, releasing and filling those mortal hearts who pray for guidance and courage with it. He rarely materializes upon Telath but when he does, he usually takes the form of a healer or a priest. He is very bold and sometimes downright arrogant. Many say his heart will be his downfall and when he dies, all of the courage held within will be released, inspiring the hearts of millions for eras to come.

Vrenik: The second eldest, Vrenik was born with a curse to hold the woes and thoughts of all of Aslanís warriors. Bestowed this Ďgiftí upon birth, Vrenik channeled all of the burden into a pair of crystalline chains called the Chains of Aslan and beset them upon the Lion Godís champion in order to lift the burden from himself. Only having materialized once to bestow the chains to Argas, Vrenik appears dilapidated and broken, his figure shattered for all time.

Rysen: The youngest son of Caron, Rysen is a cunning warrior and has an overbearing sense to help the mortals of Telath. He wears the Fleece of Faith and offers protection to those who pray to Aslan for it. Rysen is ugly beyond imagination, his face covered by a mask to hide the scars that he has absorbed from the mortals below. Out of the three Heralds, Rysen appears most often to Aslanís followers, dispensing advice and wisdom to those who pray for his protection. He usually takes the form of a female nun or healer as he offers to relieve their burdens.
It is widely believed that Meephos infected all three of the Heralds of Aslan. They were later destroyed by mortal hands in the form of Veleraen, Titan of Aslan.


Credit goes to Veleraen for the original write-up.

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