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The Grey Cliffs of Arkdün
A city in the Republic of Northumbria.



Archadoon (formerly Arkdün) is located on the southern end of Libertas Bay in the Republic of Northumbria, which presents excellent trade opportunities by sea. The city is surrounded by the flat plains to the south west and east, though it is situated in the middle of a small wood. Much of this wood has been clearcut however, and small free hold farms and slums have popped up in the wake of the city's high stone walls. There is also a prominent cliff formation to the northeast jutting out into the ocean which is called the Grey Cliffs.
This cliff holds both the lighthouse for the harbor and the Citadel Uth Draconus.

The homes and buildings of Archadoon are largely made up of gray stone quarried out of the nearby cliffs and augmented by lumber brought in from the local forests. A portion of the city has been ravaged by a recent incursion of undead, with buildings derelict and abandoned.

Just outside the current city is Lake Archadoon, or the Dead Lake. This was the original site of where the city once stood before it was destroyed by Inquisition troops and the archlich Sorrin. The Dead Lake is completely circular and is said to be haunted by the spirits of the dead still trapped beneath its surface.


Arkdün is one of the oldest cities in the empire, with a history dating back to 8300 when the northern humans came from the north and invaded the Medonian continent. Of the city states that were where northeastern Northumbria is now, Arkdün was the largest and most powerful. For years it was a constant nuisance to Kingdom of Luctadonum. However after the Lux was taken by King Constantine's forces they became more than a nuisance. During the Barbaric Wars which ensued, the barbarian hordes of Arkdün all but brought the Kingdom of Aelyria to its heels. With the aid of Queen Candace, barbarian General Antediluvian razed Agerburg (Candaceburg) and took Colonia (Aelyria Prime) a feat not matched since. Only through the aid of Aeric Arkdün, Antediluvian’s cousin whom Constantine turned to his side with diplomacy, was Constantine able to regain what he had lost. This was how Arkdün joined the Empire.
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Later on, Archadoon was the centre of a fierce battle during the Archonic War. Inquisition troops, helped by the archlich Sorrin, attacked the city. Archadoon was completely destroyed, leaving nothing but a completely circular inland lake by the name of Lake Archadoon, or the Dead Lake. After the war, the remnants of the population rebuilt the city in its current location.


The people who inhabit the city are a grim and determined lot. They lower their heads and shoulders, and put their back into their work with the relentless ferocity only incredible hardship can bring. They feel very little racial animosity, and the city will tolerate even an orc as long as it behaves and puts itself to good use. With a city that considers the dracon race invaluable citizens, both Moraden and Dianites, people who distrust shapeshifters do receive a poorer reception.
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Military types are greatly accepted and any contribution within the city’s military structure is accepted with open arms. Arkdün also gives home to those mages willing to aid the city during this time of need though the dark arts are completely shunned by the public due to the former undead situation. The public holds such a hatred to necromancy, ghost whisperers, and all aspects of undead manipulation that they would lynch anyone suspected of these dark crafts on site. With the Raven’s Wings numbers low, the constabulary has little manpower to stop it from occurring.

[top]Local Goverment

Arkdün adheres to the Imperial government structure with a thane at the head of the city government.
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  • Population: 45,000
  • Culture: Humans, Dracons
  • Trade: Stone (Granite, Limestone), Sea and Fish Products, Weapons and Armor, Precious Gemstones
  • Landmarks: The Grey Cliffs, the Dead Lake, the Draconic Academy


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