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Arkdün Wilds


The Arkdün Wilds
The Arkdün Wilds region of the Republic of Northumbria



The Arkdün Wilds are a dense stand of pine forest that extends along the southern coast of Libertas Bay, between the regions of Libertas Bay, Kriskin Peaks and the Plains of Eutopia.


The Arkdün Wilds played host to a number of barbari tribes in the early eras of the region, an aggressive people that consistently led raiding forays into the kingdoms that bordered the barbarian's established lands. Although the barbarians held out against the Aelyrian Empire and other earlier kingdoms for some time, it wasn't until the 9200s, when King Constantine was able to successfully defeat the infamous Antediluvian, that the region came under the control of Aelyria.
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The terrain of the Arkdun Wilds varies, with numerous hills and valleys that extend to the grey, sloping cliffs that are the coast of this part of Libertas Bay. However, a common factor of the terrain is the thick and near impassable pine forest that extends over the whole region. It should be noted, however, that the area around Arkdün have been clear-felled, yet there is only one well travelled parth from this city out of the region.

The climate of the Arkdün Wilds varies over the seasons, with winter being bitterly cold as the winds blow down from the snowy north of Libertas Bay. Heavy snow falls and ice are common. During the summer months the Wilds can get temperate with mild precipitation and humid weather. Spring and autumn are the most spectacular months, the former warm, rainy as the forests come alive again in bright greens, and the chilly, dry autumn brings bright hues of red, orange and cold to the Wilds.

Natural Hazards

Unnatural Hazards

[top]Land Use

The main land use in the Arkdün Wilds is timber, however due to the dense nature of the forest it can be a difficult task and much of the region is uninhabitable and wild, as its name would suggest. However, the coastal area of the region also has access to the plentiful fishery of Libertas Bay.
Natural Resources

[top]Points of Interest

The main areas of interest within the Arkdün Wilds region
Cities and Towns


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