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Arium Province Map
The United Arium Directorate



Arium, also known as the United Arium Directorate, is the northernmost province in the Aelyrian Empire. It stretches from the huge expanse of the Great Mountains to the south through the saturated wetland and swamp of The Nodmoor through to the northern coast of the Hesperian Steppes, a cold and desolate tundra. Arium is a difficult province for life to survive and flourish, making those that do a hardy and strong people.

Official Name: The United Arium Directorate
Capital City: Aslangrad
Motto: "Integrity's Predecessor is Loyalty"
Official Beast: The Falcon
Provincial Colors: Black and Purple
Provincial Anthem: "Unity's Children" by Wessex de Evile IV
Special Territories: None


Originally formed as a loose union between various fiercely-independent cities, the Hesparian Confederation spanned the land in the central northern reaches of what would later become known as the Aelyrian Empire. Named after the largest southern city, Hespax, which did not become its capital, the Hesparian Confederation had rich spiritual and ritualistic warrior traditions. Despite their often militant rivalries with other political neighbors, the Confederation was eventually ingratiated into the Aelyrian Empire to form the United Arium Directorate.
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Much debate stems over the proper capital city in the province, with Aslangrad's recent return and claim while Nexus Prime still holds to their historic right. Recently, Faust Kitrye'veresi has been appointed the governor of Arium, but the province is traditionally controlled and possessed by House de Evile IV, led by the titular Duke Wessex de Evile.
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Arium is separated in four distinct regions based on terrain and topography.
The Great Mountains
The Great Mountains is the largest continental mountain range within the Aelyrian Empire. Though the range stretches into aspects of Centripax and Moonstone, the majority of it lies in the southern region of Arium, giving it the name The Great Mountain region. It is a sprawling, cold and desolate stretch of mountains, treacherous and desolate, many of the peaks continuing to have thick stretches of snow and ice even in the summer months.
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Hesperian Steppes
The Hesperian Steppe is the northern continental region of the Arium Province. The region is a coastal tundra, with flat plains composed of hardy dwarf shrubs, sedges, mosses, and lichens, though most of the era it is covered is snow. Here the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons. Much of the area is a cold and desolate wasteland.
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The Nodmoor
The Nodmoor is the central most region of Arium, flanked to the south by the Great Mountains and to the north by the Hesperian Steppes. It is a stretch of more temperate, marshy wetlands, which are notorious among long story tellers of being filled with undead denizens that steal the souls of the living into the depths of the swamps.
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Solace Isle
The Solace Isle region is the northern most region of both the Aelyrian Empire and Arium, and includes the largest offshore island within the Empire, Solace Isle, which the region takes its name.
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[top]Major Cities

The major cities in Arium are as ancient and resilient as their land.
Sitting along the banks of the River Carmelya between the Great Mountains and the Sea of Eunesia sits Aslangrad, a city once lost in history over six hundred years ago and only recently returned to the present timeline. It now stands in between Estelgorod in the north and Vortex to its south. The city built out in a concentric style from the central Kremlin, the heart of the municipal and religious leadership.
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Nestled conveniently next to the banks fo the River Carmelya where it joins the Sea of Eunesia, Estelgorod serves as the port city into interior Arium, including the cities of Aslangrad and Vortex and serves high volumes of trade from the islands of Eunesia and the Crown Province of Prime.
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Ruins of Hon'elgg
Built deep in the caverns of the Great Mountains in Arium, the city of Hon'elgg stretched through dark, subterranean tunnels and great caverns both natural and man-made, into a series of districts including alien plantlife and large, tree-like mushrooms decorating the landscape. The city fell victim to a Xetan-created fog that allows no entrance into its borders. It is presumed that the city has fallen to ruin and the entire populace decimated.
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Nexus Prime
Standing guard just to the north of the end of the Great Mountains and south of the Iceheart Forest, the fortified city of Nexus Prime serves as a port for the western Bay of Kyathis into the Northern Sea for facilitating trade with Arakmat and Arium. It serves as a sentry for Arium's northwestern coast.
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Ruins of Paxia
Once the bustling mercantile center of the province on the northernmost tip closest to Solace Isle, the city is now rubble after the recent orc invasions and the Xetan Wars.
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Sancta Nova
Built as a temporary haven for refugees from Lauryl and Arakmat after the Fog destroyed them, the town of Sancta Nova, or "Newhaven" to its residents, was originally a fleet of tents and shanties concentrated near the western border of the United Arium Directorate along the coast of the Bay of Kyathis. The temporary dwellings have slowly been replaced with more permanent structures, but without the planning or infrastructure of a true city.
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Vortex and Har'oloth
In the foothills of the Great Mountains and against the banks of the River Carmelya sits the city of Vortex, a rumored haven for necromancy and other dark arts. The ancient stone looks out across the Nodmoor to the north and serves as a bulwark for Arium's southeastern border while standing over the Vysstichi and Esh'lahier underground city of Har'oloth. Recently both cities have merged into a single entity.
Further Reading: Vortex, Har'oloth

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