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Arium Sled Dog

This dog is not for the inactive, due to its working heritage of running for miles through the snow with great weights attached to it. It's a breed which needs a job to do, whether it be pulling sleds or carts. It's a large breed in both height and build, one which could easily topple a human without much effort. The fur coloring spans from a pale wheat through to a dull gray, with their outer coat being very long and coarse. They have medium sized, feathered tails and long, tight muzzles. Their temperament is generally very friendly and excitable, unfortunately making them not the greatest guard dogs on Telath. However, this does mean that they're easily adaptable to family life or an already established pack of dogs. Their intelligence is said to match that of the Candaceberg shepherd, due to their need to be able to follow commands while working in a pack with a driver controlling each dog separately at times. The Arium Sled Dogs are very common in the province of Arium, though not seen so much in the rest of the Empire.
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