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Arium Highland Hound

A very hardy breed of dog and well trusted by all to do its job. The Arium Highland Hound is a large, well built dog, that's smart and protective. Its coat is very thick and shaggy, which comes in white and various shades of pale grey and tan. It is a dog which should not be approached by strangers when guarding the herd, as its protective nature may make it react aggressively. It's only really companionable if brought up in the household, in which it's very protective over family members unless extensive training is undertaken. The Arium Highland Hound was originally bred to look after the flocks of sheep that roam about in the highlands of Arium and farmers have trusted this dog for years. Nowadays, it's still used primarily as a protector of herds, though through its uniquely attractive look, it's worked its way into family homes as well, becoming an excellent guard dog. This dog is not a vicious dog as some people may think, it's just perceived as such due to its protective nature, making it an excellent guard dog. It's very common throughout the Empire's fields.
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