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Arium Chameleon Cat

Roaming the plains around Nexus, the Arium Chameleon Cat is a medium sized wild feline that has a uniquely adapted coat for camouflage. This long slender sleek cat vaguely resembles an unpatterned cheetah with large forward facing eyes, a short double coat, and lengthy limbs designed for rapid pursuit. However, their most unique feature is their ability to blend almost seamlessly into their surroundings by altering their coloring in a matter of seconds. Its not uncommon for them to be sitting right in front of an observer undetected in tall grass because their coat has assumed the look of the grass around them. And their abilities are so well developed that they actually change their coat colorings as they move even if they maintain a velocity equal to a brisk walk; any faster and there is some lag time in their pattern changes. This ability is innate from birth as kittens born in captivity pick up the coloring almost immediately of the hands that grasp them, the cloth they are born upon, or their mothers coat. This ability is so extreme that no one is really certain what the true coloring (without the influence of their environment) of a Arium Chameleon Cat is. Their eye coloring is almost always red, which is one of the only ways to identify the location of one of these animals if it is not moving. These creatures roam in pairs with maturity, and are solitary once they leave their mothers at age two. The females reproduce once or twice a pattern, having one or two kittens in each litter.
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