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A city of learning in the District of Maeve.



Arconis is nestled in the foothills of the imposing Khardran Mountains. Constant winds flow up and eastward from the Sea of Diana, cooling the summers and warming the winters. There is very little snow in the city, though the Khardrans remain white-capped in all seasons, providing constant inspiration for Arconian artists. On the city's westward front begin the plains of Maeve, a harsh, grassy plain which runs all the way from the mountains down to the Bay of Queens. There is very little tree growth around the city due to the winds and rocky ground.

The city is built primarily of brick and stone, granite for the common buildings, marble for the wealthy and governmental. Wood is very scarce, since there are no forests in the surrounding territory. All the streets are paved, though in varying states of repair. Open drainage pipes located on either side of any street allow rainwater and the slops to flow down into a large system of subterranean sewers. Except for the major thoroughfares, the streets are exceedingly narrow, sometimes just enough for two people to pass side by side.


The present city of Arconis is built in the shadow of ruins, Arconis having previously been destroyed during the Cyraxian Wars. It has seen a resurgence in its population thanks to miners and adventures seeking their fortune with the promise of gemstones and jewel steel beneath the craggy surface of the nearby Khardran Mountains.

While Arconis has experienced lengths of peace time, growing strong under the guidance of the influential Serra-Kane Ducal family and the lure of the local universities, several recent events have given Arconis some stumbling blocks to overcome. In Post Fractum VII the Feeble Pox struck Arconis, ravishing the population and causing a rise in tensions between the Serra-Kane household and the Marquis Blavorion.

From there, devastation has befallen Arconis numerous times, continuing with an attack from Malice that saw many of Arconis' young boys conscripted. A siege upon its walls by giants ultimately led the city into starvation and disease, driving many from its city once the giants were driven back.

Since the Siege of the Giants, Arconis has begun to see some happier tidings, with help granted from the government in restoring the Academies and trade flourishing as artisans and crafters are drawn in through festivals and the promise of work. Arconis' population has seen a dramatic rise in population following th end of the Sherian War and the onset of the Black Fog west of the Great Centripax Basin, with refugees trickling in from both Sherian and Lauryl to fill the city.
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The residents of Arconis are a motley, reserved lot. Many of them have very old ties to the city which kept them there when others fled, creating a reaffirmation of old Arconian values and a devaluation of outside influences. That is to say, Arconians have turned rather reclusive, and hold on to their past with a fiery tenaciousness that pervades every aspect of their lives. They dislike orcs and dark elves, and their former dislike of giants has grown into a positive hatred of the race. Any giants that wander into the area surrounding the city will be killed on sight.

Arconians have a lot of nostalgia toward their lost past as well. They like to talk about the greatness of the city in erstwhile days, the political wranglings, and the eccentricities of old masters at the Academia Arcana. All the citizens take great pride in the Academies and in Arconis's standing as a center of learning. Any travelers are likely to get an earful, if not a guided tour.

[top]Local Government

Arconis follows the Imperial government structure, with a Thane set at the head of the city.
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  • Population: 14,000
  • Culture: Humans, Dwarves, Elves
  • Trade: Raw materials (gems, iron, copper)
  • Landmarks: Sancta Via, Vicus Venditorum, Regio Eruditorum


Mimesis, Nimh, Whisper, Amalthea

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