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Archaxetas is the capital city of the Xet. It is located in the Xeverix Swamp just across the Xeverix River from the Mountains of Xerta. The city is a marvel of Xetan engineering, employing hydraulic power from the abundant local water supply to keep the city operational. Most buildings, as well as the massive outer walls, are built from dark black stone found in the Mountains of Xerta and covered with Xetan carapace, which lends its anti-magic properties to the city's protection and also lends colour and sheen to its appearance. Instead of streets Archaxetas has a complex network of waterways and canals along which public and private gondolas manned by Saurid thralls can be seen at all times of day or night.

In the centre of the city stands the Archaxetas Citadel, a massive fortress that was once the home of the Xet kings but now serves as the political centre for the Xetan government.


Archaxetas was built under the first Kings of the Xet, Okyron and Eurypus. Okyron is said to have been responsible for the beginning the work on the first walls that surrounded the city, though due to their massive size they were not completed until several centuries after his death.


As the centre of the Xet Alliance, Archaxetas is the heart of normative Xet society. The Xet populace of the city is especially focused on power-mongering and climbing the ladder of power. Archaxetas is particularly dominated by the leaders of the Centurion caste.
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To relieve the natural Xetan desire for blood, so-called death pits throughout the city regularly put on gladiatorial matches between condemned thralls. These matches can take many forms, from single combats to mass bouts, and pitting variously armed thralls against wild beasts, and other variations. Staged matches pitting Xetans against each other have also been known to occur.

Archaxetas is also home to most of the Lamia enslaved by the Xet. Many other types of slaves also live here, serving their Xetan masters.

[top]Local Goverment

The political centre of Archaxetas, as also of the Xet Alliance as a whole, is located at Archaxetas Citadel. It is here that the Gerousia, the Xet Council of Elders, meets, and also where the Frematar, the chief civilian officer of the Xet and the leader of the Gerousia, can be found. An army of Lamia scribes serve the upper echelons of Xetan government.
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  • Population: nearly 3 million permanent residents, with more than half of these being thralls.
  • Culture: the culture of Archaxetas is thoroughly Xetan.
  • Economy: Archaxetas boasts many fine workshops catering to the Xetan elite. There are also extensive mining operations occurring in the Mountains of Xerta just outside the city.
  • Trade: Foodstuffs are shipped in from the agricultural centre of Paadrix, while other commodities and foreign goods come up the river from the port town of Argarix. Archaxetas has almost no exports.

  • Landemarks: Archaxetas Citadel, Pit of Deraxas


Mimesis, drawing upon sources written by Kaelon

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