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Arakmat Protectorate Map
The western most territory of the Undying Theocracy.



Arakmat, also commonly know as the Protectorate, sits along the westernmost border of the Aelyrian Empire. It is composed of one distinct region, the Low Desert. Arakmat is flanked by the province of Moonstone to the east and Lauryl to the south.

Official Name: Protectorate of Arakmat
Governed By: The Undying Theocracy
Capital City: Arakmat City


The Protectorate of Arakmat was originally settled by indigenous nomads living in small, scattered tribes who eked out their living around the oases in the great desert. Separated as they were from each other by the harshness of the deserts between their settlements, distinct and exotic cultures gradually formed among them. These cultures include the Nairu, the dorin, and the elves of Sylrosia.

In recent times, Arakmat was hit hard by the Xetan War and the Fog, which had ravished the desert landscape and killed much of the wildlife that had once made its home there. When the Fog finally lifted, Arakmat was no longer a province of the Aelyrian Empire but rather a territory of the Lamia, a snake people recently freed from the Xet by their returned Serpent Queen.
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Arakmat was historically ruled by House Al-Hakkar from their capitol in Arakmat City. During the Xet Wars control of the new Protectorate of Arakmat was formally ceded to the Lamia. It is reputed to currently be acting as the governing seat for the Lamia, with Serpent Queen Nakasha and her Seven Handmaidens ruling within its walls.
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Arakmat is made up of one distinct region based on terrain and topography.
Low Desert
The Low Desert region encompasses the entirety of the Arakmat protectorate. The desert itself stretches from the eastern border of the Aelyrian Empire's Moonstone Province to Lauryl Province's northern border. It continues westward, out into the deeper reaches of the Lamian Empire.
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[top]Major Cities

The major cities within the Protectorate of Arakmat.
The city of Arakmat sits in the very center of the great Desert of Arakmat, in the slightly more hospitable western region of the Low Desert. Built around a large oasis and system of springs, Arakmat City has been, and continues to be, the only major centre of civilization in central Arakmat.
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