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Arakmat City

The seat of power within the Arakmat Protectorate.
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Arakmat City



The city of Arakmat sits in the very center of the great Desert of Arakmat, in the slightly more hospitable western regions known as the Low Desert. Built around a large oasis and system of springs, Arakmat City became the only real point of civilization in central Arakmat and the center of the Nairu human culture, an exotic ethnic group that once thrived in the harsh conditions of the great Desert of Arakmat.
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The great metropolis of Arakmat City began as a conglomeration of tents clustered around the largest oasis in the Desert of Arakmat. At first it consisted of little more than a few families of goatherders; eventually, however, the oasis and the water system it supported became the centre of a full-fledged town and then a city, offering rest and sustenance to the desert's travelers and flourishing as a major trade centre for the exotic mercantile goods the desert had to offer.

Arakmat City became the seat of power for the Sultanate of Al-Hakkar, the regional power within what was later established as the province of Arakmat. A series of natural disasters, including the Fog that swallowed most of the rest of Arakmat, and the besieging of the city by a Xetan-led force, isolated the already-distant city further from the empire.

In recent times, Arakmat City, like the rest of the surrounding desert, was ceded to the Lamia as part of a brokered agreement following the ejection of the Xet from Aelyrian borders. The city is now the center of the newly arisen Lamian civilization.
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The current cultural status of Arakmat City is in flux as the Lamia settle the city. Rumor states that the city is populated not only by Lamia but also by various humans, dorins, and small numbers from other racial groups. With a long history of enslaving other races, relations between the Lamia and the other races is currently tenuous at best.

The Lamia have a fascination with death and pray mainly to Jalat; much of their architecture and statuary is also dedicated to the god of death.
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[top]Local Government

Once tightly controlled by the House of Al-Hakkar, Arakmat City is now governed by the Lamia. At the head of the Lamian government is the Serpent Queen Nakasha, recently risen from her long slumber and responsible for the newly acquired freedom of the Lamia. The Lamia are historically a matriarchal culture, with all females considered priestesses and all males taught to support and defend the women as priests, warriors and overseers.
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  • Population: 20,000
  • Culture: The Lamia are fascinated by death and the god Jalat. Lamia are matriarchal in nature with men generally viewed as lesser and tending to occupy supporting roles.
  • Trade: Currently weak, but rebuilding. (Individuals: Bronze Steel, Businesses: Tin Silver)
  • Landmarks: The Sacred Oasis, The Great Library


Original research and writing by Darkmavrck, written by Charybdis and Nimh

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