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Ancient Aelyrians

Ancient Aelyrians
The winged ancients of Aelyria



The Ancient Aelyrians, also known as the Ancients, the Winged Ones, or the Chosen Ones, among others are a race of intensely beautiful but deeply flawed humanoids notable for their feathered wings. Though greatly powerful and hailing from a civilization of unparalleled advancement, the Ancients are blessed with superior intellect and a terrifying command over magic but cursed with unstable emotions and volatile personalities. Physically frail and psychologically scarred, the Ancient Aelyrians created the empire, conquered countries and subjugated nations, and after centuries of being believed to be extinct, have now returned with designs on the whole world.

[top]History and Origins

There are no records detailing out the believed origins of the Ancient Aelyrians, leaving it open for speculation among the common races.

[top]Physical Appearance

Aelyrians are humanoids, standing on average between five and seven feet in height, with extremes on both ends of the spectrum. While a majority of Ancients possess pale, light, and soft skin, there are significant numbers of Aelyrians with skin colors of different complexions and pigments. The skin and flesh of the Ancients is often branded with runes, intricate designs whose stunning luminescence is said to align their wearers with familial houses, as other races use coats of arms and personal crests. With stunning and piercing eyes, whose hues are dramatic and often shimmer with an inner radiance, their most impressive feature is their beautiful feathered wings. Mistaken by lesser races as gods or angels, most Aelyrians have ivory-white wings, but there are some who possess wings of different colors, though they constitute a minority. With long and flowing hair, most males keep it short whereas females tend to style it at various lengths.

As the Ancients exist partially in the Material Plane but also have a presence in other Planes, there are additional quirks of their internal physiology, the most immediately obvious of which is that the Ancient Aelyrians do not usually require sustenance from food and drink like mortals do, but can partake of such to supplement the sustenance they receive from their astral tether or to maintain appearances and attempt to experience the mortal sensations of eating and drinking.

[top]Culture and Society

The earliest historians made extensive study of the artifacts found upon Insula Coronae to gather a basic understanding of how Aelyrian society is organized, and since their return to the world, much has been done to unlock the secrets of how these great and tragic people relate to one another. A fundamentally egalitarian people who hold men and women in equal respect, the Ancients have very defined views on how gender influences decision-making. Most women are considered deliberative and judicious, and most men are considered decisive and controlling. Yet these are only social normative values and not physiological constraints; men and women among the Ancients have attained equal status and have shared in all things.
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[top]Notable Skills and Traits

Ancient Aelyrians direct their power in ways that mortals can not usually comprehend; they weave magical spells as if they were imagining an outcome and witnessing the circumstances simply materialize before them. Able to wield multiple magics without the aid of magical artifice or hedgemagery, Ancient Aelyrians are masters of the arcane.
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Ancient Aelyrians, physically frail and lacking in the agility and stamina of the mortal races, are incapable of using the martial techniques developed and used by other races. Instead, they have adapted a fighting style more suited to their magical advantages, using their wings for mobility and their tether to the ethereal as a defense. Ancient Aelyrians who pursue the combat arts also possess greater mental fortitude than their magic-focused brethren.
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Ancient Aelyrians can individually specialize and focus on particular professions or callings and can become experts in many different trades
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Special Abilities, Weaknesses and Resistances
Ancients are blessed with great gifts and remarkable abilities, but they are also cursed with terrible maladies.
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Credit goes to Kaelon for the original write-up

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