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Ancient Aelyrian Magic


[top]Background & Availability

The Ancient Aelyrians, founders of the Aelyrian Empire, were fabled for their amazing mastery of magic, performing feats of the arcane that remain unmatched to this day in the Empire. This was made possible by their instinctive attunement to magical energies across its many spheres, a bloodline capability unable to be taught or learned by any of the younger races.
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[top]Focus & Restraint

Unlike mortal spellcasters, the Ancients are not limited by the constraints of vis reserves. Instead, the magical workings of the Ancients are constrained by shackles of their mental state. Focus, the most important measure of their mentality, ebbs and flows as an Ancient Aelyrian uses magic or exercises restraint. With every spell cast or every magical technique executed, a portion of their Focus depletes and draws them closer to the edge of a total loss of Focus. Only through the exercise of restraint and in rebuilding their mental fortitude can an Ancient Aelyrian stabilize or recover their Focus.

Focus is not merely drained through spellcasting, however. It is, first and foremost, a state of mind. An Ancient under mental distress can be just as dangerous one who carelessly slings too many spells around. This can come from purely emotional turmoil, such as witnessing the death of a loved one, as well as physical pain or agony.

As an Ancient's Focus depletes, their spellcasting becomes more inherently unbridled and chaotic. Destructive energies are magnified and careful, fine control of techniques is lost. If Focus is entirely exhausted, then the worst fate for an Ancient arrives: transformation. Depleted of their orderly mental state and given entirely to chaos, the Ancient metamorphizes into a Cyraxian, a harbinger of chaos wielding raw physical force. New Cyraxians are aimless juggernauts that no longer distinguish friend from foe and revel in a fury of carnage that usually only is ended with their demise. Very few Ancients return once past this brink of insanity. (OOC: Any Ancient PC who transforms into a Cyraxian loses control of their character and is treated as an NPC in the context of the thread, controlled by the moderator.)

An Ancient's Focus reserves in combat tend to allow around the same amount of spellcasting as vis-using mages use, but this can be greater or lesser depending on mental stressors and other situational concerns.

[top]Spheres of Magic & Special Limitations

Ancients Aelyrians are capable of wielding all known magical disciplines except Contractual magics, but each individual Ancient is proficient in only a few. For each level of mastery in their art of Ancient Aelyrian Magic, a new discipline is learned, up to a total of five spheres. Ancient Aelyrians are naturally attuned better to arcanic energies and so suffer a penalty to Spellcraft disciplines of an entire level of proficiency underneath their proficiency in Ancient Aelyrian Magic.

For arcana spheres, Ancient Aelyrians do not have a set list of learned spells. All spells are constructed ad hoc through their imagination and visualization of their intended results, instead. Ancients can switch between spheres at will in an instant but only use one at a given time, without the hedgemage's proficiency for fusing magics.
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[top]Skill Tree

Much like other magical skills, Ancient Aelyrian Magic is divided into five ranks: Initiate, Journeyman, Adept, Master, and Archmage.


The Ancient Aelyrian Initiate is proficient at the Initiate level in a single Arcana sphere and has access to all spells and techniques an arcanist would have at this level. They may not yet learn Spellcraft.

Technique: Arcane Vision - The Ancient Aelyrian Initiate is capable of discerning the original spheres of magic cast by others through their own attunement to the arcane, even those spheres they themselves cannot weave. This discernment requires the Ancient's concentration, however, and they cannot perform other actions in a combat turn if using their Arcane Vision.


The Ancient Aelyrian Journeyman is now proficient at the Journeyman level in their arcane workings and is capable of using two magical disciplines. They may now learn Spellcraft magics, but Spellcraft proficiency will only be at the Initiate level.

Technique: Restraint - The Ancient Aelyrian Journeyman can spend a combat turn gaining back some of their Focus. The efficacy of this technique scales with level but is dependent on how uninterrupted the Ancient remains in using it.


The Ancient Aelyrian Adept is now proficient at the Adept level in their arcane workings and is capable of using three magical disciplines. Any Spellcraft proficiency, however, is at the Journeyman level.

Technique: Stabilize - The Ancient Aelyrian Adept can perform spells that other mages requires a staff to cast, but at a price: their ability to Stabilize a spell requires an additional combat turn to cast the spell.


The Ancient Aelyrian Master is now proficient at the Master level in their arcane workings and is capable of using four magical disciplines. Any Spellcraft proficiency, however, is at the Adept level.

Technique: Overpower - The Ancient Aelyrian Master can bypass the requirement for magic that would require a staff to stabilize it if the effect is one or more levels beneath their own level, without need to Stabilize.


The Ancient Aelyrian Archmage is now proficient at the Archmage level in their magical workings and is capable of using five magical disciplines. Any Spellcraft proficiency, however, is at the Master level.

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