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Ancient Aelyrian Combat

Ancient Aelyrian Combat is the style of combat adapted by the Ancient Aelyrians for their own use in close- and medium-range battle. Physically frail and lacking in the raw strength, stamina, and agility of mortal races, the Ancients use their natural gifts of flight and ethereality to do battle.
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The Ancients wield two primary types of weapons: falchion swords and quarterstaves. Other weapons are used, improvised with, and adapted to an individual Ancient's own personal preferences, but weapons heavier than an ebony quarterstaff quickly tax their physical reserves and are ultimately incompatible for Ancients to wield.


The Ancient Aelyrian falchion is a single-edged sword with a slight curve to the blade. Ancient Aelyrian falchion swordplay is an aggressive, fast stance of swordsmanship with flurries of sharp attacks directed at the weak points of foes. More advanced falchion wielders occasionally opt to adapt their style to the rarely seen Ancient Aelyrian falchetto, a narrower version of the falchion with a swordsmanship style emphasizing close-combat dueling techniques.


The Ancient Aelyrian quarterstaff is a hardwood staff usually between six and eight feet in length. The quarterstaff in close quarters is wielded more defensively with an eye to deflecting blows and driving foes back to range, but on offense the staff acts as a focus for the Ancient to fire medium-range projectiles infused with raw magical force. More advanced quarterstaff practitioners may opt to advance to using the aetherpike, a specially designed pole weapon with a more focused, powerful, and longer-ranged firing beam also fabled to assist an Ancient with maintaining vital mental clarity and focus.


Ancient Aelyrian martial techniques rely on the natural advantages of the Ancients, using their wings to quickly propel themselves or take flight and using their inherent connection to the Ethereal to momentarily become intangible.

[top]Wing techniques

The Ancient Aelyrian Combatant uses their wings in combat to enhance their mobility in a way the ground-bound cannot match. Wing techniques can assist an Ancient Aelyrian not only in evasion but in charging in to a assault with momentum or even by using sharp downgusts of wind to confuse and disorient foes.


Ancient Aelyrians can become immaterial for split second evasion of attacks, a technique more suited for them than the traditional dodges of other martial combatants. This immateriality is extremely brief and the Ancient only has a split second moment to evade taking damage before their rematerialize, and continual etherealization will quickly exhaust an Ancient physically, but the timing and stamina to use the technique more often will come with more experience in its use.

[top]Mental Fortitude & Focus

Ancient Aelyrians must take care to maintain their mental Focus, lest they fall prey to chaos and transform into Cyraxians. The mere act of being engaged in combat will take a toll on this Focus, putting the Ancient at risk of metamorphosis if combat or other stressful situations continue for too long. However, the continued experience of armed combat affects and hardens the mentality of an Ancient Aelyrian. In particular, there are two mental states that an Ancient Aelyrian can achieve when they focus on their combat abilities.

[top]Focused Combatant

An Ancient Aelyrian who reaches a level of prowess commensurate with the Elite level of skill is now a Focused Combatant, mentally hardened against the chaotic and stressful nature of doing combat. The Ancient Aelyrian no longer loses Focus simply for being in a stressful situation like combat, although Focus is still lost for casting spells.

[top]Presence of Mind

The extremely rare Ancient Aelyrian who reaches the level of Grandmaster in combat gains the fabled Presence of Mind mental state. The Grandmaster combatant, having focused on the path of martiality and the conquest of the inner self, is always at peak Focus and no longer loses their Focus when spellcasting to assist their combat techniques. Having eschewed the ultimate mastery of magic, the Ancient now has the ultimate mastery over their own soul and will never involuntarily fall prey to their race's ancient curse.

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