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An Early History of Enamoria

An Early History of Enamoria
These are the histories of the city and former Kingdom of Medonia within the Sovereignty of Enamoria before the Aetherfracture, 10205 (0 post fractum)

Further Reading: Historia, District of Maeve, Refuge of Medonia


[top]The Founding of the Kingdom of Medonia

Medonia was founded in 8321, a city built on a strict code of chivalry, honor, and nobility, where truth and mercy were great virtues. This ideology transcended as the Medonians continued to found other towns and fishing ports and created a primitive feudalistic structure where all land was owned by the King but parceled out to nobles who in turn pledged the support of their army. This confederated relationship, traceable directly from the much more centralized Archaxetanian Empire, was a major step towards hierarchical organization in government but was also highly corrupted and easily divisive.

[top]Relations with The Kingdom of Daltina

[top]Medonia-Daltina War

In 8335-8348 a brief skirmish broke out between the Kingdoms of Medonia and Daltina. The Daltinan naval fleet defeated the Medonian triremes and siezed La Quista Isle (Isle of Modisia) off the coast of Medonia, which the Kingdom of Medonia had previously held. An armistice was signed between the two powers, promoting peace, trade and open cooperation.

[top]The Kalyran Incident

In 8476, the Southern Archaxetanian city of Kalyra broke out into rebellion, a civil war healthily financed by both Medonia and Daltina. The Archaxetanian Empire was in no position to re-exert control over their rogue colonists who had founded the two prosperous kingdoms. What ensued was utter chaos, for Medonia and Daltina were jointly administering the Kalyran region.

In 8481, Medonians and Daltinans fought over ideological issues in governing Kalyra - from spiritual education (Daltina) to excessive privileges of the nobility (Medonia). The two partners resumed their rivalry in a series of border skirmishes, but this enabled Yoresa, a young woman skilled in enchantment, to raise a rebellion against the Medonian-Daltinan rule. By 8483, both Medonia and Daltina had entered financial turmoil due to their wars and Kalyra had seceded to form the first popularly governed Western Human Kingdom.

The Kalyran Democratic Union remained autonomous because it cherished the notion of individual freedoms and self-rule. In 8488, all three nations sealed an armistice ending their conflicts and formally recognizing Kalyra as an independent state

[top]The Khardran War

In 8608 the Orc leaders of Garde desired to satisfy their bloodlust and led an ogre army south to the city of Khardra (the junior partner in the federation which comprised the Khardran Empire) and sacked the city for supplies, as taxes to the Orc lords had not been sufficiently paid. Afterwards, the ogre-orc Army invaded Hriemalis in 8610 with the mission of obtaining a shore-line with which to create a mobile trireme fleet.

The Kingdoms of Daltina and Medonia were both apalled and frightened by the implication of this new power - particularly the threat that the Orcs would have for the future of humanity - and put aside their lengthy rivalry and sealed an alliance to crush the Khardran Empire and rush to the defense of the Hriemaliseans. The Dwarven Kingdom of Dargis, which had been plagued by Orcish mobs and brigands disrupting their trade, later joined the alliance.

By 8621, Medonian-Daltinan Crusaders had liberated Khadra and along with Phondran Knights and Eutopian Pikemen, marched on Garde to imprison Grek, the Orc Chieftain who had masterminded the war. His execution was swift, and there seemed to be hope that now the continent would learn to coexist and collaborate in harmony. Yet, all the advantages that the war brought with it - understood chartography, open trade, and an awareness of the world - faded once the threat had ended. The Eutopians resumed their isolation, the Phondrans sought to establish themselves as trade competitors with the Luctadomans, and Medonia and Daltina returned to their silent rivalry.

[top]The Occupation of Daltina

In 8845, Prince Rynus von Oreskovich of Aelyria reported that Daltinan and Phondran forces had begun minor attacks as if testing for weaknesses in the border countries. Yet, both powers were still acting alone and not united, affording an opportunity for Aelyrian retalliation and response. King Constantine took the opportunity to send newly educated diplomats and ambassadors to both powers.

The Daltinans and Phondrans, while impressed and amazed by the grace and charm of the Aelyrian representatives, were nonetheless not dissuaded from their campaign, and each strengthened their resolve. The Knights of Aelyria, engaged in a number of historic adventures between 8845 and 9093 into the heartland of Daltina and Phondra which erroded popular support for the campaigns against Aelyria and bolstered foreign opinion of the magical kingdom that would wield such men of great valor.

In spring of 9103, King Constantine personally led the unannounced surprise invasion of Daltina. Promising to cut off trade with any nation that would aid Daltina, King Constantine successfully prevented the Kingdom of Medonia's involvement in the war and prolonged its protests by offering luxurious trade and diplomatic incentives to align herself with Aelyria. Aelyrians marched on Daltina in 9108, formally occupying the mainland of the kingdom.

The isle of La Quista, however, had bartered for its freedom from Aelyrian occupation by paying an exhorbitant amount of funds in 'reparations' for the war. By 9115, La Quista would be reincorporated into the Kingdom of Modisia and Queen Gwendolyn of Medonia, raised an army of 50,000 guards, knights and pikemen, and had threatened military action if La Quista were engaged by Aelyrian forces. Fortunately, a treaty of trade and good will was signed between the Kingdom of Aelyria and the Kingdom of Medonia, formally ending the war in 9116 and establishing benevolent relations between the two powers.

[top]Medonia and the Aelyrians

[top]Enchanting Medonia

In mid mid-9247, Emperor Constantine of Aelyria met a Duchess of the Kingdom of Medonia, an elven woman named Duchess Michelle du Starksville. Duchess Michelle and King Constantine had constructed a plan to both safeguard the defection of House Starkville and at the same time, seize Medonia and annex it as part of the United Kingdom of Aelyria. The plan revolved around the well-known fact that the last Queen of Medonia, Gwendolyn, had been overthrown by one of her ambitious sisters, Julianna, in 9246.

Publicly, King Constantine entered the Kingdom of Medonia in early Winter of 9247 to support Queen Julianna's new regime and offer her assurances of the United Kingdom of Aelyria's unwavering support. Privately, the King met with Queen Julianna in chambers and promised her military support for her government which was already facing daunting challenges from the various nobles. The nobility of Medonia was incredibly prominent and held the power of veto in Medonia's Assembly of the Pnyx, a council dating back to the classical era of Medonian supremacy.

King Constantine finally persuaded Julianna with the false promise of making her his Queen and equal in the Aelyrian Kingdom. When Queen Julianna announced to her people her decision to merge with the United Kingdom of Aelyria, it sent shock-waves throughout the Pnyx. Nobles voted to remove her from the Crown, but by then it was already too late. Commander Aeric and his troops had occupied most of Medonia, and the leaders of the noble families which opposed Julianna and the Unification with Aelyria were 'mysteriously' murdered in the evening.

Paranoia gripped the Medonian people who could do nothing but submit to their new Aelyrian masters. However, King Constantine remained in Medonia for nearly a year to establish personal trust with the Medonians. He built temples, palaces and shrines – not to the Aelyrians, but to the Medonians and their customs. He incorporated Medonian traditions throughout the United Kingdom of Aelyria, and spent many gold pieces to refinance the corrupt Medonian economy and finance new marketplaces and centers of commerce.

To solidify his rule, King Constantine and Duchess Michelle had arranged for a final step to be taken in their plan. In summer of 9248, Julianna was mysteriously murdered in the forests outside of Medonia. Calling the act an act of cowardice and treason against their own queen, King Constantine imposed martial law on all of the Medonian Nobles, and dissolved the Pnyx – which had become largely ceremonial up to this point. He implemented his Meritocracy throughout the populace, and Medonia had been successfully enchanted. It remains largely unknown as to who killed the Medonian Queen.

[top]Birth and Scope as an Empire is Born

With the annexation of the Kingdom of Medonia, seen as the last bastion for humanity in the continent, other nations began to perceive Aelyria as an aggressive nation capable of any act which would increase either its coffers or its borders. While all Aelyrian citziens began to rejoice, unlike the Daltinan occupation which was a welcome to order, the Medonian occupation upset the status quo and created much dissent which would forever alter the way people would react with their leaders.

Correspondence and documents of the era indicate that the Council of the Crown had become appalled at the occupation of Medonia by Aelyrian Troops and viewed it as an uncivilized act by a nation cherishing the virtues of civility. Within two days, the Council announced that it was to prepare a Reconstruction of the Kingdom. President Panesa, who acted outside of her authority as Michelle ruled rightfully as First Councilor, had in fact been bribed by a militant wing of Medonian separatists to take this action.

[top]Calm Before the Storm

In 9253 disgruntled peasants in Medonia began a riot against the Aelyrian occupation and attacked the local royal garrison near Medonia City. King Constantine acted swiftly in ensuring that the rebellion was put down. Soldiers in this operation did not discriminate between children, women and men – as the revolt was widespread of commoners. While the operation ensured local stability, the excess of force caused alarming shock-waves to resonate throughout the world.

To appease the Medonians, Michelle and Constantine adopted the Family of Stone – a popular, philanthropic noble clan hailing from Northern Medonia. With the specific adopting of Lady Alyxandrya of Stone, the two Aelyrian monarchs hoped that this would show the Medonians the seriousness with which Aelyria took her stewardship over her new territories and the peoples therein. Ironically, it was not the Duchess Alyxandrya who became popular – but it was her husband, Duke Roland the Stone, that had captured the loyalty and admiration of the people. In Summer of 9253, Duke Stone won the Aelyrian Tournament in all categories and impressed the Royal Court so greatly that a final decision would be to induct both Duke Stone and Lady Alyxandrya as Prince and Princess, heirs to a Throne of a King that was immortal.

Yet, the marriage between Duke Stone and Lady Alyxandrya was not without flaw. The duchess enjoyed flirtations with other men, perhaps out of the delight in the jealousy and anger it sparked in the Duke. Soon, scandals were amidst in the Medonian portion of the Royal Family. King Constantine enlisted Duke Stone in the Royal Guard and posted him far from the Palace while Queen Michelle trained Lady Alyxandrya in the arts of diplomacy, politics and the sciences.

[top]The Elven Rebellion

in 9255, Constantine annuled the marriage between now Princess Alyxandrya and Duke Roland of Stone. However she would later marry Moonstone ac Silrosan, a high noble of Elven lineage and hailed from the far-off Elven Confederation of Syl.

Yet the happiness of both the union between Alyxandrya and Moonstone as well as the joint-adoption of the two as Princes of Aelyria was overshadowed by rumors of a sinister plot against the Crown. Queen Michelle's spy network, the Selrak'rya, uncovered dissent in the Council of the Crown. The ambitious nobles, whose desire for power had been denied, had apparently found an ally in Moonstone, and later, Alyxandrya herself. It would only be years later in 9258 that it would be discovered that Moonstone had always intended to gain revenge for Aelyria's massacre of Medonia and the supposed summary execution of her final Queen, Julianna.

When Moonstone and Alyxandrya denounced the Crown in the Second Council Reconstruction Statement of 9257, King Constantine and Queen Michelle were quick to react. Martial law was immediately declared throughout the entire Kingdom and the Council of the Crown dissolved. However, Prince Moonstone and his new bride, Princess Alyxandrya, both escaped apprehension by fleeing to the Great Forest of Medonia, wherein a small rebellion had been stirring against the Aelyrian occupation.

While the Rebellion was small, it did receive aid from two major forces — the financial backing of disgruntled Medonian nobility and citizenry, and the morale and military support of the Elves from the Syl Confederation – forever loyal to their Prince.

By late Autumn of 9257, attempts at reconciliation between the rebels and the royalists proved unsuccessful and all negotiations broke down. In the winter, an invasion of the Great Forest was planned by the Aelyrians – a taboo, both to the Medonian Religious as well as to the practicalities of warfare. Warrants for the arrest and capture of Moonstone ac Silrosan and Alyxandrya of Aelyria were given. Moonstone, recognizing that no real victory over the immense Royal Guard was possible, called the rebellion a “Final War of the Kingdom”, convincing all disgruntled Medonian nobles that an exodus would assure them victory in a seemingly impossible war.

The cruel treatment of the elves and humans by the Aelyrian Royal Guard in the Great Forest of Medonia was infamous throughout the continent. All save three houses of nobility from Medonia were arrested and incarcerated for Treason against the Crown. Those three which escaped in the exodus from Aelyria being Moonstone and Alyxandrya's Coldmoon, the Princess Fana's New Kingdom, and a small group of former Pnyx assemblymen-philosophers who called themselves Atlantis, or 'The Far-Enlightened'.

[top]Medonia in the Second Interregnum

Within the Third Empire, (sometime around 9700s-9900s) [wwiki]Alyssa Chrysinaria[/wiki] reigned and ruled for over 200 years and the Pax Alyssana, as it is called, ensured that the Aelyrian Empire engaged in no wars with foreign powers and asserted an isolationist stance. Despite all of its impersonalism, when Alyssa Chrysinaria was presumed dead in a catastrophic inter-dimensional accident aboard one of the Imperial Airships, her government collapsed with her.

After the death of Empress Alyssa, the Second Interregnum occurred between the years of 9915 and 9917. During this time the Province of Enamoria - the region comprised of the Daltina and Medonia districts, was the first to secede from the Aelyrian Empire. Governor Ambrose Devere signed the declaration by his Provincial Council and declared Enamoria a separate and distinctively independent Republic. Prelatine forces immediately began to arrest provincial officials when Ambrose went into hiding.

Forces from the Xet Alliance under the command of Second Tul Orekis almost immediately invaded and occupied Medonia, forcing the capitulation and flight of the entire provincial government.

The defeat of the Xetan forces by an army of over one million knights, nobles and adventurers were led under the command of Prince Valerian. The Liberation of Medonia from the Xet Alliance was the first time in Aelyrian history that commoner and noble fought side-by-side for the same freedom from slavery to the Xetan oppressors.

[top]Timeline of Early Enamorian History

  • 4200 - First wave of Quel'anthasans from Trelore, and Esh'lahier from K'Terak, colonize the Medonian continent
  • 8321 - Founding of Medonia
  • 8335-8348 - Medonia Daltina War. Medonia was defeated as Daltina sezied La Quista Isle (Isle of Modisia)
  • 8476 - Kalyra Rebellion which lead to joint administration of Kalyran Region by Kingdoms of Medonia and Daltina
  • 8481 - Medonia and Daltina skirmish over Kalyra and how it should be ruled.
  • 8483 - Kalyra successfully secedes from Medonia and Daltina
  • 8488 - The Kalyran Democratic Union, Medonia and Daltina sign armistice. Kalyra become independent state.
  • 8608-8610 - Medonia and Daltina join forces with the warven Kingdom of Dargis to fight the Orcs which had invaded the Khardran Empire.
  • 8621 - Medonia-Daltina forces liberate Khadra with allies to end the Khandran War.
  • 8791 - Medonia claims neutrality over the The Luctadoman Strategem
  • 8845 - Daltina forces border raid against Aelyria
  • 8845 and 9093 - After diplomatic talks fail, knights of Aelyria engage battle against the Kingdom of Daltina and Phondra
  • 9024 - Border raiding by Daltina and Phondra ceased
  • 9103 - King Constantine personally led the unannounced surprise invasion of Daltina. Medonia remained uninvolved.
  • 9108 - Daltina was occupied by Aelyria.
  • 9116 - Medonia and Aelyria establish benevolent relations
  • 9241 - Aelyria opens embassy within Medonia
  • 9242 - Non-agression pact signed between Aelyria and Kingdom of Medonia
  • 9246 - Queen Gwendolyn of The Kingdom of Medonia overthrown by her sister, Julianna.
  • 9247 - Constantine meets Duchess Michelle du Starksville (Duchess of Kingdom of Medonia)
  • 9247 - King Constantine convinces Queen Julianna to join with the Kingdom of Medonia. The nobles of the Kingdom and Pnyx Council veto the decision, but the city was already occupied by Aelyrian troops and all noble houses against Constantine were executed.
  • 9248 - The former Queen Julianna mysteriously murdered in the Medonian Wood
  • 9248 - Constantine calls martial law on all Medonian nobles and dissolves the Pnyx Council
  • 9248 - Duchess Michelle is named First Councillor of the High Council of Aelyria by Constantine
  • 9253 - Small peasant uprising against Aelyria occupation of Medonia leads to massacre of men, women and children by the Aelyrian armies
  • 9253 - Roland of Stone, Duke of the Kingdom of Medonia, wins a royal Aelyrian tourney and he and his wife, Duchess Alyxandrya of Stone are named heir and Prince and Princess to Aelyria
  • 9253 - 9255 - considered a time of uninterrupted prosperity
  • 9255 - Constantine annuls the marriage of Duchess Alyxandrya and Duke Roland of Stone
  • 9256 - Princess Alyxnadrya marries Moonstone ac Silrosan
  • 9257 - Moonstone and Alyxandrya denounce the Crown in the Second Council Reconstruction Statement. Flee to the Medonia Forest and start a rebellion with the backing of Medonia nobility and Syl.
  • 9257 - All but three noble houses of the Kingdom of Medonia were arrested and incarcerated for treason against the crown
  • 9258 - Medonian elves create the Dolwoods, destroying the Kingdom of Dargis and the city of Coldmoon. Moonstone and Alyxandrya flee with a band of Coldmoonians to the Principality of Yew
  • 9258 - Empress Michelle uncovers that Moonstone had always wished to take revenge for the Medonia masacre and the suspected murder of Queen Julianna
  • 9260 - Empress Michelle began an expansive project of domestic reform that is remembered in legend as the Golden Age
  • Sometime around ~9915 - Area that was the Kingdom of Medonia and Daltina succeed from the Aelyrian Empire.
  • ~9915 - The Xet invade Medonia
  • ~9915 - Xet invasion is pushed out of Medonia by Prince Valerian and his host


Credit for much of this information goes to Kaelon, and Sarah for collation.

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