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Alithea, Archon of Lust and Corruption



Alithea is the daughter of Meephos and Haya, the first of all succubi and the mother of all thereafter. She is the Archon of Corruption and Lust, delighting in seeing the hearts of good people broken down by their weaknesses and desires. She is also the twin sister of the Planetar of Love, Olsyréa, and reputedly takes great delight in destroying love where she finds it, having only hatred and disgust for her sister.
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Alithea is known to be born of the God of Emotions, Meephos, and the Goddess of Plague, Haya, but few know her as the twin sister of Olsyréa. The two deities were born during an act of intimacy between Meephos and Haya, when the sweat from both intermingled over roses. While Olsyréa awakened nymph-like among the roses and gazed upon her parents with eyes of purest love, Alithea awakened to view the act as one of pure lust and the complete absence of love.

Alongside of Haya, whose innate corruption the Goddess of Plague could appreciate, Alithea's growth into an Archon was assured. While there was no love fostered between the two women, a mutual understanding of seeing things gradually fall apart--be it because of disease, pestilence or internal corruption--had the two binding closely together. Another source of mutual hatred for the pair was Olsyréa, whose meddling with the Aeternian relationships around her deeply aggravated the two women, particularly with Meephos finding amusement in the havoc love often struck upon those around them.

With Olsyréa presently banished from Aeternia by their mother, Alithea finds great pleasure in trying to destroy love where she sees it in hopes of tormenting her sister.

While Alithea is often more present on the Material Plane than others, she is often seen partnered with her father against Aslan and his people in attempt to corrupt their sterling honor.
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Alithea was born of sweat dripping over roses and, as such, she has a natural nymph-like appearance that is small and delicate with pale, rosy skin and curling red hair tinged green at the roots. Her eyes are like pale pink diamonds. She is nearly identical to her sister Olsyréa in this aspect.

As a succubus, Alithea usually appears in dreams as a highly desired object to those she visits. Whatever the man she targets holds as beautiful and desirable, that is how she will look. As such, she can be either human, katta, merfolk or even saurid in appearance in the dreamscape. On occasion, when desiring to awaken feelings of terror intermingled with lust, Alithea will appear in a grotesque demon form, often looking like half a woman and half a beast. In either form, Alithea feeds off the emotion that arises in the bed, becoming stronger as she does.
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When Alithea walks the Material Plane, much like her twin sister Olsyréa, Alithea will often appear differently from one person to another. She will appear to people as someone most desirable, which often results in a single group of people who have seen her at the same time having a different description of how she appears. Regardless of her precise appearance, Alithea is often seen wearing deep red gown that accentuates her more desirable physical attributes.

Alithea will often walk the Material Plane to corrupt the hearts of those she encounters, often using seduction and persuasion to convince her targets to engage in their most deep-seated desires.

[top]Religious Organization

It is not uncommon for groups of worshippers, sometimes referred to as Courts, to be found in cities. In fact, there are sometimes multiple Courts in the largest cities. It is unlikely for small communities to play host to a Court, given the distrust and hatred towards the Aeternians. Singular worship of the archon is rare but not entirely unheard of. Vysstichi are the most common worshippers of Alithea, although they often uphold their obeisance towards Haya rather than directly to Alithea.
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While none of these worshippers can outwardly declare themselves for Alithea--at least not in most places--members of different Courts will identify themselves with the symbol of a moon flower, its petals furled into a five-pointed, curving star shape.
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[top]Notable Figures

Incubi and succubi all answer directly to Alithea. These the Archon trusts above all others to carry out her bidding but there are a few mortals who have managed to capture Alithea's eye, bearing a dribble of her power through the Material Plane.
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Haya: Alithea's mother, who birthed her in a moment of what Alithea would call great lust for her father, Meephos. It is believed that the sweat of Haya and Meephos intermingled over a bed of roses to create the twin sisters and as they awakened they witnessed their parents' fierce embrace, each taking on different aspects of the joining. Haya is an apathetic mother to her daughter but uses her to help spread sexual disease through the minions that Alithea employs.

Meephos: Alithea's father, who birthed her in a moment of what Alithea would call great lust for her mother, Haya. It is believed that the sweat of Haya and Meephos intermingled over a bed of roses to create the twin sisters and as they awakened they witnessed their parents' fierce embrace, each taking on different aspects of the joining. Their relationship is strong, with Meephos having great faith in his daughter's ability to sow corruption and lust over the land.

Olsyréa: Alithea's twin sister, the Archon finds her lovestruck sister to be naïve and pathetic. Alithea will often target her twin's followers in an attempt to demonstrate how much power lust has over love.

Riserris: The first succubus crafted by Alithea, she is a powerful nighttime phantom, second only to Alithea. Riserris regards seduction as an art-form. She takes great pleasure in the hunt, in getting her victim to give himself willingly over to her.



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