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Horned, winged horses of legend.



Distant, less evolved cousins of the Pegasi, an Alicorn is a winged horse-like being, usually with a single horn protruding from its head. Considered extremely rare in Aelyria, these equine creatures have incredible magical powers and are considered intelligent, sentient creatures that are impossible to domesticate. Also known as "Winged Unicorns", Alicorns have been featured prominently in Aelyrian legend and myth. Under the Aelyrian Kingdom, the Winged Unicorn was one of the official emblems of the Royal Government (although sometimes it was depicted as non-winged).

[top]Physical Description

A full sized, powerful horse with a massive feathered wingspan extending from the creature's midsection often three or four times the length of its body, the Alicorn is considered one of the most beautiful animals to behold. They come in a variety of colors - usually tans, browns, and grays; and the rarer blacks (black Alicorns are often called Nightmares) and the rarest whites. It has been rumored that some Alicorns have patterned bodies and multicolored feathers on their wings; some have even been believed to have grown additional horns. As rare as these creatures are, these stories cannot be independently authenticated, but they nevertheless sound quite probable.

[top]Climate and Terrain

Alicorns were known to frequent the same areas that their Unicorn brothers would reside, and once had a glorious sanctuary habitat in the Midlands. These mystical beings departed shortly before the Aelyrian invasion of Daltina and have made rare and isolated appearances since that time. With remarkable tolerances to the elements, Alicorns are known to prefer temperate climates, such as the meadows and foothills, though given that they can and do take to flight, can survive almost anywhere.


Alicorns are herbivores, consuming grass, leaves, and sometimes berries. They tend to be foragers, searching and wandering through their forest homes in search of food.


Alicorns, like the Unicorns, (but very much unlike other equine beasts) are sentient creatures believed to have built some semblance of a now-defunct civilization in the Midlands and the Southern Great Mountains. Ruins tell tales of elaborate palaces, castles and homesteads that may have been part of a greater Equine Kingdom centuries ago; most scholars dismiss this view, however, and suggest that while the incredible might and magical power of an Alicorn may be able to construct buildings, that these structures nevertheless were more likely to have been built by humans who worshipped them as nature deities.

Alicorns and Unicorns share the same social structure, communicating telepathically and verbally, and referring to elders in their societies as Lords and Ladies. A system of nobility that closely resembles the Human Feudal System peaks at a powerful King or Queen. The common social unit of Alicorn society is the herd, with individuals and families taking less precedence. Nowadays, because Alicorns are so infrequently seen, it remains a mystery as to the type of social organization that these mighty beings may have, and instead observers are treated only to an appearance of these creatures in singles or couples at best. Alicorns tend to avoid contact with other peoples and civilizations, and generally are inward-looking with curiosity and reverence only for nature.


Alicorns can engage in fierce physical combat, making use of reared attacks, kicks, and full charges. Their horns are prized by spellcasters, as it is considered a reagent for some powerful spells, as are feathers craved by Alchemists seeking to unlock the seemingly endless natural life that these creatures have. Nevertheless, mortal they are, and in this awareness, they engage in extremely effective combat, so that it usually takes several parties of adventurers to subdue a single Alicorn or Unicorn.
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[top]Special Abilities

Alicorns have the gift of flight, and are known to be able to travel at velocities vastly superior to those of other winged creatures. Combined with their awesome magic, Alicorns are able to pierce the veil of existence and travel into alternate dimensions; this process is not entirely well known, but mages believe that properties in their horns make it possible. Finally, Alicorns are extremely proficient spellcasters, using a combination of advanced telepathic language and head gestures to cast spells. It is quite common for most Alicorns to master an arcane craft before they exit juvenile growth.
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Alicorns are highly resistant to a wide range of magical spells, and are almost entirely immune to all Druidic and nature-based arcana.

[top]Other Notable Information

An alicorn is thought to be one of the ancestors of the Juive'len Elves.


Credit goes to Kaelon

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