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Nomadic barbarian gypsies travelling throughout Telath.



Air'riela gypsies are nomads travelling in kumpania (groups) of vardos (caravans). Bound by ties of blood or family allegiances, they are scattered across Aelyria. Air'riela are humans, although there are stories of some non-humans being adopted by individuals within a kumpania. Each kumpania varies in size, but it would be highly unusual for there to be more than one hundred and fifty individuals in one. Most will be around sixty to eighty people. Because of their nomadic lifestyle it is not known exactly how many Air'riela there are, but their numbers are small. They are barbari and are usually treated with suspicion wherever they go. There have been kumpania sighted wherever there is land, from the outskirts of Aslangrad to Demios and Port Alyxandrya.
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Air'riela tend to be of average height, with dark toned skin and dark hair. Eye colour varies as it does across all humans. The clothing worn by Air'riela tends towards bright colours and flamboyant styles. Accessories are very important; many Airíriela show their wealth by their jewelry. Things such as coins worn in the hair or made into belts can denote places travelled and provide the individual with a means of barter. Women often wear scarves as belts and accessories to clothing, a tradition across kumpanias which stems from the traditional Airíriela female weapon, the talvia.

Males tend to wear loose and comfortable slacks with bright shirts and colourful waistcoats. Women traditionally wear long, brightly coloured skirts or very loose trousers with bright blouses and tops. It is not uncommon for females to wear strings of bells on their wrists, waists or ankles as these harmonise together in traditional Air'riela dance.


It should be noted that each kumpania has many of its own traditions, superstitions, beliefs and laws, so in many ways the culture of the Air'riela is as varied as the number of kumpania. They often have an individual dialect of the Air'riela language, with some kumpanias speaking an entirely unique language. While there are likely to be many similarities in terms of the culture and traditions between two kumpania of Air'riela, it would be usual for there to be as many differences.


The lifestyle of the Airíriela is a travelling one. They value freedom and believe that as Airíriela they have been given the five greatest gifts of all those who walk Telath. Those gifts are freedom, faith, family, craftsmanship and honour. The lifestyle that they live differs in each kumpania but all of them have a baro, or female head of the kumpania. Families have strong ties and an insult to one member of a family will often get a response from all of them. They tend to have little care for the rules of the empire and disagree with notions of Ďowningí land and so on.

The campfire is an important aspect of Air'riela lifestyle. Nights tend to be spent singing, dancing and storytelling around campfires which allows for the passing down of stories and traditions. This is vital as the Air'riela write very little down and their histories and traditions tend to be verbal.

[top]Gender Roles

Any Air'riela will trace their bloodline through their female ancestors; it is their belief that this is the only way to be sure of bloodline as there is never a guarantee of who someone's father actually is. It is for this reason that Air'riela are matriarchal. The fact that women bear children is central to their culture with the status of a family within a kumpania determined by the number of children they have. Since their married women tend to experience many pregnancies, men have the role of protectors and warriors. Most Air'riela men will learn to fight with a bladed weapon, whereas women are discouraged from such and more commonly would learn the talvia.

Within these confines, however, there are no gender restrictions on jobs or roles within the kumpania and everyone is expected to work in some way to benefit the group.
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All Airíriela believe that they are descended from the original Airíriela, named Aireriel, whose name they revere as an almost-goddess. Their religion states that Aireriel gave birth to twelve children yet she had never laid with a man. These twelve children are the foundation of modern Air'riela society and the founders of the 'first kumpanias'.

The Air'riela believe that there are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Spirit is considered to be the strongest of these as it represents balance of, and dominion over, the other four. They claim that each child is 'touched' by one of these elements which will shape them in their life. Each element gives one of the five gifts to the Air'riela and they have five digits on each hand to remind them of those five gifts. Two hands remind them that in everything there is duality, man and woman, light and dark.

Many Airíriela practice the arts of divination. Some individuals do so believing that they have a genuine gift for such; if this is accepted by the baro of their kumpania these individuals are revered as having Ďthe sightí. Others use these arts and the suspicions that most have of the Airíriela to swindle money from non-Airíriela, who they call gaje. The most common tool for divination to the Air'riela is the Tarot but others include gazing into flames and throwing bones or dice.


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