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Ainlar, the Planetar of Hate, Wrath and Revenge



Ainlar was a former archon who fell from grace shortly after Jorel. He was too unstable even for the Aeternians, who were quick to exile him. Ainlar's wrath was so intense that it allowed him to craft his own realm, allowing him to ascent to planetarhood. He seeks to slake his bloodlust and hatred by bringing about an end to all things, including himself.
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Ancient books, dusty and mostly forgotten, speak of the fall of Ainlar from Aetheria as perhaps the most tragic and poignant, second only to Jorel's fall. Set upon Aetheria to contemplate the meaning of Empathy, Ainlar was regarded as the fairest and most beautiful of the Archons, save perhaps the Arch Archon Jorel himself.

It is believed that Ainlar, being more susceptible to the feelings and general thoughts of the other Archons, which are generally known to be creatures of little to no emotion, was aware of Jorel's eventual fall even before the Arch Archon himself knew of it. Jorel's fall, along with his hatred and wrath, completely inundated Ainlar, destroying all rational faculties, driving the Archon to livid anger and hatred as he was completely and utterly consumed by Jorel's immense rage. This fall from grace was also what exiled Ainlar forever from the grace of Aetheria. It is believed that the greatest hate, wrath, and anger can only be drawn from the purest and most beautiful of souls. To this, Ainlar is testament.

Eventually the hatred and anger became so severe that even the host of Aeternia cast him out of the Plane of Discord, for fear that his uncontrollable influence would destroy Aeternia itself, for the souls became restless, wrathful and unable to be subjugated in the presence of Ainlar. For fear of a civil war within Aeternia and in an effort to contain the volatile fallen Archon, Jorel banished Ainlar from the Plane of Discord into a realm unmarked and blank. Ainlar's intense hate and rage from being banished warped this unmarred realm into the Plane of Hate and Wrath.

Apropzzael, a metropolis contorted by wrath, was birthed of them at the very heart of Ainlar's new realm.


Ainlar is the Planetar of Hatred, Wrath, and Revenge. Consumed by his rage and fury, he desires to bring about an end to all things, and frequently seeks out mortals capable of serving as vessels of destruction for him. He is frequently sought out by those who seek revenge against others, called forth by those who wish harm and ruin upon their enemies. Thriving in the collective subconscious of mortals, Ainlar is sometimes regarded to be the shadow in the dark of the mind, the one that people usually suppress and repress for fear of allowing it to take over their body. Ainlar appears to be a thing made out of fangs and teeth, waiting in the shadows, ready to strike.

Ainlar is not known to have any common appearances per se, even more so with regards to material and tangible appearances. He often manifests in the mind of others when they are seized with incontrollable hatred and rage as the object or person that they loathe the most, spurning them on even more and seeking to destabilize the emotions so powerfully that would only lead them on the path of destruction.

In the rare chance that Ainlar manifests in an avatarial form, he takes the form of an Archon with wings of black fires and eyes that belay only the angry, churning flames of Aeternia. His armor would be tarnished and wrecked in portions by flames. Any exposed flesh appears to be charred, burned or scarred by self-mutilation, for it is well known that Ainlar's horrific capacity for hatred knows no boundaries and extends to himself. His rough and raspy voice alone is known to be able to ignite anger and the desire to destroy everything and anything.

Ainlar is also known to appear as a giant scorpion with a flaming tip on his stinger, numerous eyes all fiery and red. It is believed that this scorpion form is Ainlar's preferred guise when he chooses to bestow a drop from the Well of Wrathchurn, a liquid that infects the very soul of mortals when they are pricked by the scorpion's barb.

He particularly hates Olsyréa, the Planetar of Love.

[top]Religious Organization

While there are numerous cults dedicated to the worship of Ainlar, none have survived long enough for any lasting legacy or canon to be established and cultivated. Drawing from scorned lovers, deposed leaders, or even the irrational and crazed, Ainlar is able to attract worshippers with the double-edged promise of exacting revenge and destruction.

Ainlar's methodology in seeking worshipers and followers is thus decidedly different from most of the gods, goddesses and planetars. He usually seeks out a singular mortal that has the greatest potential to bring about wide scale destruction, and after sowing a drop from the Well of Wrathchurn, would cultivate the anger and rage that would eventually seek out to destroy everything and anything that has been encountered in its path. With his champion loosed upon the world, Ainlar would feed then off the hatred and destruction that churned in his chosen's wake. After the Vessel of Wrathchurn is destroyed, torn apart by his own feelings, Ainlar would then afflict another, and allow him or her continue on the path of destruction, bringing everything else with him or her.
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The Planetar of Hate does not have many formalized rituals or rites consecrated to him. Worship of him is usually spontaneous, when one feels anger or need to summon wrath for their own purposes.
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[top]Notable Figures

Ainlar tends to prefer a more personal approach towards things, and also suffers the problem of occasionally wiping out his minions in a fit of rage. A small cadre have managed to persevere through the eons, however.
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Risthal: Risthal was the greatest of mortal champions that Ainlar had ever fostered. It is believed that she had been the first and only one to truly tap into the hidden powers of Wrathchurn, and therefore rejected Ainlar's offer to become his foster-daughter and instead chose to establish her own realm. Her scorning earned her the eternal wrath of Ainlar, but the Planetar could not help but feel admiration for his younger counterpart at the same time.

Skhyem: A spirit said to be able to hear the cries of those who seek revenge against their enemies, Skhyem plucked out his own eyes, cut off his nose, and sliced off his tongue in order to limit his senses and amplify his hearing. He hears most clearly those individuals filled with the greatest amounts of anger and vitriol, and delivers the names of those with great potential to Ainlar himself.


Credit to Ragman for the original.

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