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Age of Imperialism

The Imperial Age in the Aelyrian Empire.
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Feudal Reforms were followed by a unification of all guilds in Aelyria Prime, and all other factions in the Kingdom under a single assembly, the Royal Assembly. In 9259, the Royal Assembly formally took the place of the Council of the Crown, a league of nobles who had come together to attempt to influence the Crown, in direct contravention of the Feudocratic Compact, and was renamed to the Imperial Senate. This political reorganization enabled for the social mobilization against anarchy; legions could be drafted with extraordinary efficiency, and for many of the newly occupied peoples in Medonia, the prospect of a responsive military act to assimilate cultures into the Aelyrian nation proved to be a crisis.

Since 9257, a group of nobles that sympathized with the plight of the Medonian elves had attempted to reconstitute the Aelyrian Kingdom and stem the tide of the emerging Imperial Government. The period known as the Reconstruction Crisis threatened Queen Michelle and King Constantine's plans for a unified state under uniform standards. When Moonstone Ap'Silrosan, an elfish noble who had gained prominence in the Council of the Crown, convinced Alyxandrya, the adopted daughter of Michelle and Constantine to turn on her parents, the two fled the inevitable wrath of the Aelyrian Monarchy. Moonstone and elfish rioters in Medonia declared a Kingdom of Coldmoon in most of Northern Medonia and urged the Syl Confederation - a homeland of elfish tribes and states - to send reinforcements. King Constantine and Queen Michelle declared a State of Martial Law, and withdrew to Insula Coronae, where Michelle was properly greeted by the surviving Ancient Aelyrians as their new leader. Sir Tor, now a Viceroy in the service of the Crown, was given a unique opportunity to redeem himself: destroying the rebels would enable him to earn back his lost honor.

Battle of Medonia
Tor mobilized the I., II., and III. LEGIONS immediately and invaded the newly conquered region of Medonia. The elves were driven into panic, and Moonstone and Alyxandrya both ordered a strategic retreat back to the Syl Confederation where the elfish peoples might start a new life. Viceroy Tor knew that his only opportunity to crush the rebels and "cut out the cancer that threatens civilization" was to intercept them in the Medonian Forests to the north of Medonia City. Ordinarily, the legions did not fight well in forests, and Tor did not want to repeat another Battle of the Fens. So, he raised auxiliary units - the archers and knights from Aelyria and Daltina, and a new, previously untried unit - the Pegasi cavalry. Pegasi are beautiful winged horses that live in the pristine Pegasi Wood outside of Aelyria Prime, and domesticating them was a difficult task that the Animist Guilds had been undertaking. Their first use in practical combat would also be the first experiment of their war-worthiness.

When the three legions under Tor's command caught Moonstone and some 60,000 elvish citizens wielding simple swords and crossbows fleeing, the Viceroy was overwhelmingly delighted. He stationed the legions outside of the forest, and sent them through the Dwarven Kingdom of Dargis, which was now allied with the Aelyrian nation, to cut off any chance of escape. Meanwhile, archers rained down fire-arrows which set the forests ablaze and created chaos against a broken elfish infantry. The Knights charged through the forests as Pegasi soldiers swooped down from the skies below. All in all, some 3,000 cavalry completely slaughtered the entire rebel force. Though Moonstone, Alyxandrya, and several other notables would use magic to escape -- and they would all be apprehended in due time in certain special adventures and operations -- the hopes and dreams of the Medonian Elves to defy the Aelyrian Nation were doomed. Within a year after Tor's victory, the Aelyrian Empire was born, Tor was named an Imperial Consul, and his honor had been restored.



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