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One of the Outer Planes in the Multiverse.
Further Reading: A Primer to Planar Cosmology



A great palace-city of marble resting upon a floating isle of crystalline rock is known as Aetheria, and is often described as the most beautiful place in existence. The midnight blue skies are filled with shimmering lights and stars that travel throughout the infinite plane, centering upon the great Celestine Throne, from which Ioannes, the God of Order, rules. Throughout Aetheria, the lesser celestial gods reign and rule, harnessing the immense power generated by the plane itself, and using it to exert their will upon lesser planes. Among these gods are Aslan, God of Honor, Carmelya, Goddess of Nature, and Orod, God of Reason.
Further Reading: A Primer to the Pantheon, Ioannes, Carmelya, Aslan, Orod

[top]The Archon Phalanax

On the outskirts of the golden palace are tremendous ramparts and battlements, flanked by mighty keeps run by a group of powerful non-corporeal beings of pure energy known as the archons. Commanded by the Arch Archon, Maj, from the Celestine Citadel, the largest of the fortresses, the army of archons has a strict sense of order and structure, adhering a rigid nine-tier hierarchy, with the most powerful archons bordering on near deity status. Beyond the isle is a tranquil, infinite sea reflecting the neverending vast skies above. Forever shrouded in a twilight, Aetheria is flanked by distant and unattainable vistas often deemed as illusionary constructs of the ruling deities.
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[top]Stories and Legends

There are conflicting stories and legends surrounding the Celestial Plane and its inhabitants. Among planar scholars who have studied Aetheria extensively is the prevailing philosophy that different celestial orders have held sway in the plane, and Ioannes and his cohorts of Order only represent the latest paradigm to have assumed power in the Celesial Plane. A commonly-held belief is that Materna was once the governing goddess of Aetheria, and only fell from influence when she was either expelled or departed of her own volition. Other gods have lost their coveted status as Aetherians, such as Kalendryas, who was expelled for stealing Orod's Hourglass, which controlled the Sands of Time, and Srennius. Other inhabitants of Aetheria have been close to ascending as demigods, but have had their powers curtailed by the other deities; Maj and Phedos, two powerful archons, have been relegated to oversight of their own kind, and not privy to the deliberations of the Celestine Palace.
Further Reading: Materna, Phedos, Srennius, Kalendryas



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