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One of the Outer Planes in the Multiverse.
Further Reading: A Primer to Planar Cosmology


Immersed in a realm of molten lava, bursting flames and an impenetrable shredding ice at its core, Aeternia is the Infernal Plane, the land of absolute darkness. Populated by demons and their impish ilk, Aeternia is ruled tyrannically by Jorel, the God of Chaos, and assisted by a cohort of lesser demigods, including Meephos, the God of Gluttony and Passion, his wife, Haya, the Goddess of Pestilence, and Jalat, the God of Death. A realm of complete and utter pain and suffering, Aeternia is the origin of discord in the Multiverse.
Further Reading: A Primer to the Pantheon, Jalat, Jorel, Meephos, Haya

[top]Traveling Within the Plane

Though there are few areas in the Infernal Plane that are stable enough to be traversed, as most of the realm is awash in a sea of fire, an infinite, labyrinthine city of darkness rests at its core. The dangers in Aeternia are unfathomable, as the Heart of Darkness controls the plane's immense pool of power, channelling it to serve the will of the evil masters guiding it. Numerous grotesque and powerful beasts patrol the plane, including the Prensetta, a giant winged serpent of fire, with seven hideous heads too disgusting to possibly describe in words. The City of Aeternia is awash in darkness and despair, misery and evil, as its inhabitants, the demonkind, yearn for the opportunity to conquer other planes and bring about discord wherever they may go.



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