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A villa in Aestas
A busy village in southern Sherian.



On the most southern tip of the Phondra Peninsula lies the small and busy farming village of Aestas. It is here that sprawling and fertile farm lands and quiet, enchanting woods meet the dirt roads and cobbled streets of the small town. The people are welcoming, peaceful, with a love of nature and balance. They are mostly hard working farmers who live of the land in a close nit community where bartering and trade is chosen over the use of Imperial currency.


Aestas has nothing significant of historical note.


Aestas is traditionally a place for people to seek rest, to work hard and to enjoy the beauty of the coastal plains of Sherian. Here, nobles own expansive estates and ranches run by and worked on by the people. Cotton plantations dot the green and golden hills with white and apples trees flourish in autumn. Hard times in Aestas have leant the village a more wary and careful atmosphere.

[top]Local Government

Aestas adheres to the same government structure as the Aelyrian Empire with a thane in a position of power in the city.
Further Reading: A Primer to Aelyrian Politics, Current Office Holders


  • Population: 400
  • Culture: Humans
  • Trade: Agriculture
  • Landmarks: None of note



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