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Aelyrian Terms

A list of terms unique to Aelyria.



The many and varied cultures making up the people of Aelyria are heterogeneous in nature. Typically the indigenous society present dominates far more than any Imperialized or centralized traditions. However, certain words descended from the Aelyrian Empire's first race, the Ancient Aelyrians, have carried over and become canonized into the Common Tongue, the primary language used between all citizens in the Empire.
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[top]Cultural Terms

Feth: Swear word.

Pracenda: The evening meal.

Rosyun: The morning meal.

Serale: Greeting among humans and other non-elven races.

Vedui: Greeting among elves.

[top]Physical Terms

A list of terms used to refer to the particular landscape of Aelyria.
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Astral Plane: The plane of existence in the Multiverse on which magical processes reside.

Celestial Plane: The plane of existence on which the Aetherian gods reside.

Ethereal Plane: The plane that, after death, souls inhabit to await their judgement before the Sun Throne.

Infernal Plane: The plane of existence on which the Aeternian gods reside.

Material Plane: The physically-felt and controllable plane of existence on which all mortals inhabit.

The Multiverse: The collection of all planes of existence, including the Material, that all known things, beings, and processes inhabit.

Telath: The planet on which Aelyria is located.

[top]Time Terms

A list of terms used to refer to particular measurements of time.
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Brightening: Day, specifically during daylight

Candlemark: Hour

Cycle: Week

Darkening: Darkening, specifically during nighttime

Era: Year

Ordinance: Year, specifically the equivalent of one year of ageing and maturation

Pattern: Two to three years which comprised one set of seasons and aged mortals by one year. Now obsolete.

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