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Aelyrian Royalblood

This hound is of noble and ancient lineage. It is said to be originally descended from the first hound stock on Insula Coronae. One of the oldest breeds of hound in Aelyrian history, its true origins are unknown. The Aelyrian Royalblood is the companion of nobles and royalty alike. Favored by the upper class of the empire, it is a large sized dog, but very slender and graceful. Its thick, smooth coat is often found in cream, golden, light tan, and dark brown colors, or sometimes a mix of two or more. It has a long muzzle and its ears are naturally held erect. It has a feathery tail and its long legs make it an excellent runner. This dog is easily trained and has a friendly, outgoing personality. It isn't much of a guard dog, more for companionship and often spoiled rotten by its owners. The Aelyrian Royalblood is a favorite at the Imperial Court. This breed is common among the upperclass and rare among the lower.
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