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Aelyrian Hunter

This is perhaps the most common breed of dog in the Aelyrian Empire. This breed is perfect for both hunting and city life. They are the most commonly traced ancestor of the wild wolf and their appearance clearly states this. They're dogs which are of medium build, have short, coarse fur which should be plucked twice an era, floppy ears and have well muscled bodies. The Aelyrian Hunter is an active dog with a great deal of stamina. This trait gives the dog a loved role on farms, as they're allowed to roam fields in order to eradicate pests. Originally bred for hunting, it became very popular with all citizens of the Aelyrian Empire. This dog can be just about any color, solid or otherwise. It has a friendly disposition, is easy to train, and loves to run about. This dog is extremely common throughout the Aelyrian Empire.
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