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Aelyria Prime

The capital city of the Crown Province of Prime and the Aelyrian Empire.

Aelyria Prime
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Aelyria Prime is the ancient and current metropolitan capital of the Aelyrian Empire and its historical seat of power. Originally named Colonia, Aelyria Prime boasts nearly one million permanent residents all dwelling within the sprawling Domicilium. Aelyria Prime is situated on the eastern edge of the continent, at the end of the Hriemalan Peninsula, accessible by the Via Ioannes and is known for its unusual weather. The River Ioannes has its delta at the edge of the city into the Great Ocean and runs through the heart of the capital's major districts. Its immense size and thriving urban culture are owed in large part to the aqueduct network that provides clean water to the city, and the great sewers that remove effluence from it.


As one of if not the oldest city in the Aelyrian Empire, Aelyria Prime has been known since its founding as its cultural and political figurehead. Reachable by land, river, and sea, Aelyria Prime began as a bustling tradesport that flourished into the Empire's leading city with the construction of the Imperial Forum on the Insula Coronae to house the reigning emperor or empress and their royal court. It has been the scene of numerous major events in the empire's long history, many revolving around the Aethergem and the Aethercrown, as well as political rebellions, civil wars, and the appearance and reappearance of the Ancient Aelyrians.


The greater majority of the city's permanent population is human. Playing host to the Imperial Court makes Aelyria Prime home to many transitory inhabitants, including delegates, politicians, courtiers, and other attendants to the reigning emperor or empress. As such, their foreign influences and ideas have spread and flourished in the great city, making it an amalgam of many varied and exotic races and even some international influences beyond the borders of the Empire. There still remains an overwhelming awe for the Old Empire and the Ancient Aelyrians, and many of the upper classes or those wishing to be will seek to emulate the traditional ways, styles, and habits, even sometimes learning and using their language. Opulence is showed in many ostentatious ways, including style of dress, richness and exoticness of diet, and grandeur of estate.

Yet racial and cultural tensions within the city are common and often incite crime between different groups, particularly in the lower economic classes. Most races and cultures have set up their own particular "hamlets" inside the city where their native languages and traditions are still practiced and organized crime is rife. It is said that one can hear the native tongues of nearly all the lands brought into the fold of the Aelyrian Empire with one walk along its dock district.

[top]Local Government

As the capital city for both the Aelyrian Empire and the Principality of Prime, Aelyria Prime houses the main thoroughfares of government at imperial and provincial levels. Thus while their primary responsibilities are significantly larger in scope and they rarely meddle in the municipal, the near-proximity of imperial and provincial courts often shadows the city's local politics.

The structure of Aelyria Prime's leadership is thoroughly Aelyrian with thaneship, prefecture, and aedile, and is held up as the standard to which all other imperial cities should follow. However, due to the sprawling size and population of the city, other positions, such as assistants and governing councils, help organize and lead it.
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  • Population: 1 million permanent residents, many travelers, dignitaries, merchants, and other transitory residents throughout the year.
  • Culture: Near the Imperial Court, it mimics the Old Empire and the Ancient Aelyrians. Inside the city, cultures are both mixed and isolated by their distinct foreign flavors representing all imaginable groups from within the Empire.
  • Economy: Large and prosperous, with craftsmen, tradesmen, and merchants as well as service-based occupations to support the Imperial Court and the extensive size of the city (Individuals: Copper-Adamantite Tier, Businesses: Tin-Aetherium Tier).
  • Trade: Most goods imported by the River Ioannes or the Great Sea, including foodstuffs from Candaceburg. Fine and luxury crafted goods are exported throughout Prime and to the other provinces.
  • Landemarks: Insulae Coronae, Imperial Forum, the Crown Inn, the Collegio of Princely Affairs, the Academy of Magic


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