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Aedaan, Planetar of Mercy



Aedaan is the Planetar of Mercy, made so at the end of the Age of the Darkening when Diana inverted and died, her power transferring to a new vessel. She is still working out the particulars to her abilities and what it means to wield mercy in a meaningful and constructive way.
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Aedaan started life as an Ancient Aelyrian among the Ala Clan, born of the coastal village of Vacus. It was Aedaan who inspired Ioannes' idealistic creation of Diana.
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The Ancient Aelyrian fell into obscurity, few knowing of her let alone the role she played in the creation of Diana. But while mortals knew nothing of her, the Aetherians did not forget and when Carmelya was freed from her prison, it was Aedaan that the goddess of nature drew to her. Present at the inversion of Diana, it was within Aedaan that the energies and powers of mercy found a new home.
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Now infused with a planetar's strength born of those who believe in the divine power of mercy, Aedaan walks the Material Plane in search of understanding what it means to be merciful, when the best time to utilize that mercy is and when it would be kinder to abstain.


Aedaan has one manifestation that she favors and that is the form she was born with, that of the Ancient Aelyrian; having a strong dislike for liars, the lie of a false appearance does not settle well with the burgeoning planetar of mercy. Aedaan has brilliant blonde hair, large blue eyes and a set of beautiful white wings. She is commonly seen in a white gown with a golden rope tied about her waist. Unlike most deities, Aedaan is strongly inclined to appear and/or mettle directly with mortals.

[top]Religious Organization

With Aedaan so new to pantheon, there is very little organization in regards to her worship. Pockets of worship for Aedaan are small and scattered across the empire. Most obeisances are conducted over personal shrines by individuals rather than among a gathering.
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[top]Notable Figures

A young deity, Aedaan does not have anyone working under her as of yet.
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