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A roadway leading into Acumin
A small woodland village in the heart of the Administrate of Centripax.



Acumin is situated right on the edge of the Dolwoods, and very roughly in the centre of the province. It is encased with a rough wooden stockade often guarded by local rangers. If it were not for the stockade, the village would otherwise disappear into the woods. The homesteads of the village are predominantly made out of the trees woven throughout its boundaries, with Druids warping tree trunks--sometimes of multiple trees--to create them. Because of the small size of the village, the buildings are predominantly homesteads with very few businesses operating out of their own structures.


In the place where Acumin now stands there was once an ancient city of the Vysstichi. Some travelers called it the City of Stars, though the official name has been long forgotten by those who walk the surface. They, like most of their kind, terrorized nearby cities and anyone passing too close to their borders. One day, for no apparent reason, they simply abandoned their city, perhaps a God had struck them with an evil curse and they had fled to their cavernous home to hide forever from the light - who knows. But there they stayed and there they still stay even today, in their city beneath the ground...Herozzal.

Time passed and the city above slowly deteriorated until nothing was left but a few ruins. Nature took over for years, the place overgrew with trees and wildlife. A whole forest was formed during this time. It was then that humans came along and saw what an offer the area held for them and they seized it. Rich people and nobles loved the area, it was plentiful and secluded at the same time. But like most people of high-status, eventually they realized the terrain was a little too hard for them to control by themselves, and one noble after another claimed a territory and brought in peasants to work the area for them and serve them and make money for them.

The stirring above ground did not go unnoticed below the earth, where the Vysstichi still lay. No, they took the chance when they saw it and attacked the nobles and their farming communities. Grouping together with orcs and dracons hidden within the mountains and caves not far away, and any other evils brewing in the forests, they attacked with all they had! They managed to burn and pillage the area, running what nobles they didn't kill, away. But once again, they ran from the light of day and went back into their hiding places until another time they could attack. No one was left to attack, the manors and estates had been destroyed and only a handful of peasants remained.

That small handful was all it took, with patience and persistence they revived the farms and even started lumber mills. Eventually they concentrated into one area and became a village known as Acumin. The village has survived multiple attacks by the Vysstichi and others and even has the favor of the goddess Carmelya. Acumin thrived as a trading town and farming village for a many eras, offering a refuge to those who wished for something other than the city life.

However, this era of peace and tranquility soon came to an end, for as the town became greater in size and more and more people flocked to the town they invited other things into the city as well. With people came the Pox... and with the Pox came death. The city of thousands was reduced to hundreds in a matter of months. One citizen blamed the loss of his family on the healers of their town and in retaliation, burned the village to the ground. The already greatly reduced population took another hit as all those with the pox and many of those without were reduced to nothing more than ashes. To add to the troubles, Herozzal invaded once again, sending in armies of undead to decimate the city.

Though the true attackers came from below, their identities were unknown and due to the appearence of Avanthar Dra’Aran (aka the well named DarkSoul) in the tavern eariler that brightening, the blame was laid at his doorstep. The villagers set out on a foolhardy request for revenge. The battle was lost quickly and thoroughly and the twice defeated villagers returned home only to find in their absence, vysstichi had come to pick through the remains. The elderly had been killed as useless and most of the children taken... and so at the end of the battle, there were a mere handful of people left in the town.

But their night was not yet over, though the horrors were. In order to help save them from their plight and lift them from despair, Carmelya sent to them an elder Treant. This Treant gave them the words of Carmelya to serve them in a new life, and regrew the town and forests into their former beauty in a single night.


Being somewhat of an isolated and small community, the citizens of Acumin can be very wary about visitors. As such, they are distrustful of new people and highly prejudice against the darker races, specifically Vysstichi, Esh’lahier and orcs. Members of these races will not be allowed into the city, and forcibly ejected if found wandering around without good reason! Recently, they have also become wary of druids and rangers, mostly due to the events of the recent siege. There is only a very small guard presence within the village, as they mostly rely on a citizen-led militia to keep law and order.

[top]Local Government

Given the size of Acumin, it doesn’t have all of the city officials that you would expect. Instead of the full amount as per the Alyssian Civitate, three people within the city hold a grand total of five official government positions. The Thane doubles as the Aedile and the Assistant Thane as the Assistant Aedile.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Current Office Holders


  • Population: 150
  • Culture: Humans, Elves, Fae
  • Trade: Livestock, Tea, Hops, Herbs
  • Landmarks: Shrine to Carmelya, Druid Grove



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