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A brief introduction to Aelyria.

Aelyria, a collaborative fantasy adventure game



Founded on June 2, 1989, Aelyria is the original play-by post creative experience on the Internet. The game centers around the narrative of the Aelyrian Empire, a nation embroiled in a world full of exotic races and wonder-inspiring creatures, all set against a landscape of intrigue and beauty. Its lengthy history and extensive lore has created a cohesive fantasy environment in which players may immerse their characters to begin writing their own tales.

[top]The Multiverse

The term Multiverse refers to the entirety of the universe in which the game resides. Characters, physical objects, and the like inhabit what is called the Material Plane. Every object, either animate or inanimate, that has substance and its every natural process are considered to be part of this plane. It is the one that all mortals are born in and inhabit, and therefore the most well-known and well-understood.

Innumerable other planes exist, such as those belonging to individual Planetars. Immaterial processes, such as gravity or the psychology of the mind, are said to be astral in origin, though their mechanisms directly affect the Material. There are even other more abstract levels of existence, such as the Dreamscape, which defy all classification and understanding. It is thought that there are infinite planes present in the Multiverse, all of which control a particular influence over the Material.
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The Known World
The planet on which Aelyria is located is known as Telath. The Society of Kalendryas, a group of astronomers and stargazers, calculate that there are innumerable planets within the Multiverse as well, but their locations and properties remain beyond their abilities to understand. Telath is illuminated by three suns during the day and two moons during the night, known as Melora and Mejora, along with many stars.
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Only a particular region of Telath is known and has been accurately mapped, and it is uncertain how much further the planet stretches. Currently, the Medonian Continent, the Western Ocean, and the Bellenic Sea encompass the areas that are known and named and their inhabitants encountered. Specifically, Aelyria is located on the Medonian Continent, sharing borders with The Xet Alliance, Kel'rondar, Kalyra, Fae'rel, and Majistan.
Further Reading: A Primer to Geography, Medonian Continent

[top]The Aelyrian Empire

Aelyria refers specifically to the political entity known as the Aelyrian Empire. Legend states that Ioannes, King of Gods, shed a single tear to bring the Aelyrian Empire to life. It was first inhabited by the Ancient Aelyrians, a powerful race of magical winged beings. They allied with, conquered, or otherwise dominated many of the surrounding indigenous races to form the first empire, but were soon embroiled in war with the demon-blooded Cyraxians. They were saved only by the heroic intervention of a young Ancient Aelyrian named Diana who would ascend to godhood and become both Queen of Aetheria and the patron goddess of the Aelyrian Empire.

For a time the Ancient Aelyrians disappeared and were thought extinct but have in recent years reappeared and settled in Aelyria Prime. After Diana's fall and death, the Empire is now without a patron deity. Also, Diana's fall is thought to have been the catalyst for the recent instability in the realm such as the recent Xetan invasion.
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The Aelyrian Empire is a conglomerate of varying races, all with unique histories, characteristics, and cultures. The interior political bounds of the Empire are constantly changing while consisting of a set of somewhat-autonomous provinces which contain a number of individual cities. Each of these geographical and cultural regions are represented by their particular forum, in which characters may interact and write their stories.

The Aelyrian Empire
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For a brief period, the Aelyrian Empire was renamed to the Kingdom of Aelyria under the reign of Prince Milo L'Evienne I. Upon Prince Milo’s abdication, the title reverted back to the current Aelyrian Empire. Other previous antiquated names include All-eria and the All-erian Empire, both of which have completely fallen out of use.
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[top]Political Structure

The Aelyrian Empire is headed by the crowned emperor or empress who rules as an absolute monarchfrom the Insula Coronae in Aelyria Prime. Historically these heads of state were crowned by a ceremony called the Rite of the Aethercrown, wherein the imperial crown containing a stone known as the Aethergem, said to be the focus and source of all the world’s magic, would appear over the head of the intended heir. However, the Aethergem since broke in an event known as the Aetherfracture, forcing Aelyrians to relearn both their magic as well as how to choose an heir. All timekeeping is now counted in relation to this event, known as Post-Fractum.
Further Reading: A Complete History of Aelyria, A Primer to Time
The Imperial Court with its assembly of officials and advisors remains in Aelyria Prime. Under its authority are the provinces, each headed by a provincial governor and their various officials and staff. Every city inside each province is further managed by municipal officials, such as the city’s thane or aedile.
Further Reading: A Primer to Politics, Provincial Government, City Government
Separate from the political structure is the feudocratic order, or those who have attained writs of noble title. These are often a mix of ancient families who hold cultural respect and interest in a particular region to newer individuals who have done some great service either to the Crown or to the nobles already present. While they hold no true governmental sway, they often still carry huge swaths of political influence both due to their prestige as well as the lands and assets that they control. On occasion certain officials may hold both a political and a feudocratic role.
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[top]Religion in Aelyria

Aelyria is regularly influenced by a pantheon of gods, planetars, and their archon and anti-archon figures. Each deity is said to represent a particular idea or influence, such as Ioannes being the embodiment of Law, Order, and Justice while Zyrgra is the planetar of torture and starvation. Most gods are divided into those that inhabit Aetheria above and those in Aeternia below, though some, notably Planetars, inhabit neither and remain neutral. The true rankings, loyalties, and motivations of these deities are often unknown to mankind, but their existence cannot be denied as many manifest in physical forms, called avatars, to their most faithful of followers. All deities exert some sort of influence on the doings of mortals.
Further Reading: A Primer to Religion
In the Aelyrian Empire, religion and its rituals are tightly defined, controlled, and governed by the entity called the Church of Faith based out of Sacrum and headed by the archprelate. Its patron deity is Ioannes and currently is the only officially-sanctioned church in Aelyria. Other factions, such as the Church of Aslan from Aslangrad or the Brotherhood of Maj, often adhere to other traditions and patron deities. Religious conflict caused by the Church of Faith’s desire for a stranglehold on the devotion of the Aelyrian people has been known to send many other factions underground. They also actively decry necromancers as Aeternia-worshipers and those that venerate Planetars as heretics.
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[top]Culture in Aelyria

Due to its varied composition, the Aelyrian Empire has no real set of official traditions as regional and racial culture far supersedes it. The significant majority of the population is composed of Humans, who themselves are a varying collection of different human and trace other-humanoid races. Much smaller pockets of other races, such as Medonian and Sylrosian Elves or the Cethers, have been assimilated into the primarily-human culture of Aelyria to varying degrees of success.
Further Reading: A Primer to Playable Races, A Primer to Companionship Races
A few traditions are, however, considered universal. These include the officially-sanctioned holidays, the honorary medals awarded by the sovereign and in the Empire’s branch of military known as the Imperial Legions, and a few Aelyrian terms, such as "pracenda" to refer to dinner. Commonly Aelyrians greet each other with “Serale”, which serves as appropriate in all occasions.
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[top]How to Play

Joining Aelyria is free. New players should review the Character Creation guidelines to create their individual player character (PC). This character will then come to life somewhere in the Aelyrian Empire and begin the roleplayed portion of their existence, forever weaving them and their deeds into the game's overarching narrative. The history, landscape, and environment of Aelyria is constantly changing due to the actions of the heroes and villains who live within it. What part will you play in its story?
Further Reading: A Guide to Character Creation

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