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Northern port city of the Crown Province of Prime.
Further Reading: Abestat



Built on the hillside northern coast of the Gulf of Ioannolia, Abestat is the northernmost of the trio of port cities dotting the eastern coast of the Principality of Prime, facing the Great Sea. Being closest to the shared border with Vesta, the city with its network of canals serves as the gateway for sea-based trade into the Hierarchy, as well as serving transport along the River Abe, which creates dangerous and uninhabitable marshlands stretching south toward Portshire.


In ancient times, the land on which Abestat stands now once belonged to the Republic of Luctadomum, a nation of merchants and trade that was brought to heel by the Aelyrian Empire. The survivors of this struggle remained in their native land and slowly began to rebuild their city, using the intricate network of canals and other technological advantages to encourage trade. They soon established themselves as another port of entry to the Aelyrian Empire, putting them in rivalry with Portshire and making them the gateway into the eastern regions of Vesta.


Primarily human in population, Abestat's culture is strongly affected by the numerous traders, caravans, and ships that come through it over both land and sea. As such, they have assimilated many of the languages, traditions, and customs that come through their port, including foreign entities from over the Great Sea. They are tolerant as a populace, with their prejudices more focused on one's economic class and income rather than race or ethnicity.

While there is some influence from the capital city of Aelyria Prime, it is very distant. Their close proximity to the border with Vesta has led to their greater degree of influence on Abestat's culture and as their primary source of foodstuffs and other raw goods.

[top]Local Government

Adhering to the typical style of Aelyrian government, the municipal state of Abestat has an elected thane, prefect, and aedile. Corruption and bribery by the leading trade leagues and guildmasters is commonplace, as well as exerted influence from Vestians seeking to keep secure their passage to the Great Sea.
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  • Population: 200,000 permanent inhabitants, transitory merchant population
  • Culture: Primarily human but ethnically diverse. The population is very tolerant of other races so long as they have enough coin.
  • Economy: Burgeoning, but corrupt. Arium's political state greatly affects Abestat's economy, for good or ill. (Individuals: Bronze Ardentium Tier, Businesses: Tin Platinum Tier).
  • Trade: Entirely merchant and trade-based. The city produces no raw or crafted resources of note.
  • Landmarks: Old Lighthouse, Cater Collegio


Original research by Whisper, written by Charybdis

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