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The northern River Abe on the border between the Crown Province of Prime and the Hierarchy of Vesta.

River Abe
Further Reading: Crown Province of Prime, Hierarchy of Vesta


The River Abe starts as a spring near the small village of Songbrooke in the northern tip of the foothills of the Khardran Mountains. It soon turns into a full-fledged, wide, and strong river that travels northward and then curls toward the eastern shoreline of the Gulf of Ioannolia. Its waters have been used to denote the border between the Principality of Prime and Vesta.

The river cuts just south of the city of Abestat. The city's residents have erected a series of expansive networked aqueducts that divert some of the river's water into their network of canals and to fuel their other technological and engineering innovative feats. The River Abe also feeds the marshlands that extend south of Abestat to the northern borders of Portshire, turning it into inhospitable swampland.

The River Abe finally drains into the Gulf of Ioannolia at Kaliaport.


Legends abound about its mystical and religious significance and its waters at this origination point are said to have healing powers. Its feeding of the farmlands where northern Prime and southern Vesta meet enhance the strong agriculture of both provinces, making it extremely valuable to their northern neighbors. The River Abe's geography has fueled the advances in structure and transport for which the city of Abestat is known.


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