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A Primer to the Military

Militaristic forces of Aelyria.



Officially, the Aelyrian Empire is protected by the Imperial Legions and the Imperial Navy, land and sea forces funded and fed by the crown itself. The military is generally viewed as a respectable profession by many although there are others who look down upon the service, believing its officers and soldiers to be corrupted by the Imperial values they uphold. There are, however, any number of different militaristic forces throughout the Empire, ranging from the legions to local city guards to mercenary companies that sell their swords out for work.


King Constantine led the fledgling Aelyrian Kingdom to greatness through his use of the Feudocratic Compact, a revolutionary style of territorial administration that eliminated graft and corruption from local magnates and transferred the core of political power to the center of the state. Even though Empress Michelle the Great undertook significant reforms of the military, warfare remained generally unchanged from the Aelyrian Conquest through the beginning of Empress Rhysatra's reign. At that point the standing forces of the Empire were significantly reduced and restructured in order to better conform to the practical realities of warfare in Aelyria, which was no longer bent on outright conquest but on stabilizing its borders and internal affairs.
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[top]The Aelyrian Armed Forces

The armed forces of the Aelyria Empire are made up of a number of distinct but interrelated groups. First and foremost are the legions, the premiere fighting force of the Empire and, since their inception under Constantine, one of the primary vehicles for Aelyrian social engineering. Because the forces are drawn from across the Empire, the legions provide a milieu for integration between the various races and cultures that populate it. Joining the legions is a longterm, honourable career with prestigious benefits for those who manage to excel and rise in the ranks. While the legions form the core of the Imperial fighting forces their numbers are limited. Militia in the service of individual provinces and cities as well as a variety of paramilitary and mercenary groups provide local support to the legions and, in the more peaceful areas of the Empire, are the primary imperial forces. These are often called upon or, in the case of paramilitary groups, hired by the Empire in order to provide short-term support for the legions and to perform a variety of specific assignments.

[top]The Legions

During Constantine's Age of Conquest, the legions were the premiere fighting force in the Empire and were largely responsible for its creation. Currently their mandate is more focused on patrolling the borders of the Empire for external threats. They do not normally engage in everyday peacekeeping activities within the Empire. Local militia and paramilitary groups regularly work with the Imperial government as local peacekeepers as well as providing the necessary manpower and support for specific short-term missions.
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[top]Paramilitary Troops

There are any number of non-imperial military forces throughout the Empire. These include local guards, private armies, and mercenary groups. All provinces and large cities will usually maintain an armed force of some sort; these vary in size, training, and mandate, depending on local resources and requirements. At times any of these forces may work together or with the imperial legions to combat local threats and patrol their regions.

[top]Local Militia

All provinces and large cities will usually maintain guards or a militia to maintain law and order. These troops will vary widely depending on locale, as they serve entirely at the discretion of the local provincial or city government. Some of the best-known among such local militia are listed below.

- The Prelatine Army is the armed might of the Church of Faith, militant individuals trained in the arts of combat in defense of the Sacred Three. It serves as the provincial guard for the province of Sacrum. The men of the Prelatine Army are well-trained and devastating on the field of combat, elite and faithful to their cause.

- The Alyssan Guard is a paramilitary organization based in Midpoint. It was formed under the Empress Alyssa Chrysinaria and is known for its commitment to the Empire and justice. Until the reforms under Empress Rhysatra the Alyssans were considered a part of the legions; after the reforms they have become their own private paramilitary organization.

- The Veldar Elite is a fighting force based in Zerdargia with a long history stretching back to the Dwarven Kingdom of Dargis. It is mainly composed of dwarves and cethers.

[top]Private Armies

Private armies are not uncommon throughout the empire, though these are technically unsanctioned by the imperial government. Rich politicians, nobles and even wealthy merchants have been known to gather to them bands of soldiers willing to fight under their private banners. The soldiers of these armies are, by necessity, fully supported by whoever sponsors them. They may or may not be mercenaries.


Mercenaries are common throughout the empire and range from starry-eyed youths looking for action to hardened veterans of war no longer able to serve in crown-sponsored groups such as the guards, legions or the navy. Some mercenaries operate in small, mobile groups that wander in search of job opportunities. Others can be found in solidified companies in cities that have come to accept or tolerate their presence. Mercenary companies are sometimes employed by local governments or the legions when the later forces are lacking in manpower or do not want to risk the lives of their own people. The Imperial government also provides regular opportunities for short-term employment for capable mercenaries through its Adventurer's Guild.

Many mercenaries have been known to undertake jobs that are not necessarily viewed as highly honorable and may at times be regarded as individuals of amoral attitudes, quick to kill and in it only for the money.

[top]Imperial Navy

The Imperial Classii are one of the finest naval forces in the world, out-ranked only by Eunesia's naval forces. The Empire is able to maintain a substantial fleet of galleons complemented by smaller, faster ships. These are manned by professional sailors with long-term careers in the navy and are commonly stocked with the best cannons and gunpowder known in Aelyria. Individual provinces and cities do not usually maintain their own naval forces, but largely rely on the Imperial Navy for protection. In certain extreme, however, the Navy may employ mercenary groups to provide extra military support on board ship.

The ships of the Imperial Navy are docked throughout the larger ports of the Empire. In times of peace the navy patrols the Empire's shores and is particularly engaged in protecting merchant ships and combating piracy.
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