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A Primer to the History of the Aelyrian Empire

A Primer to the History of the Aelyrian Empire.



The history of the Aelyrian Empire is the story of the empire founded by the Ancient Aelyrian King Constantine on the Medonian Continent. As such it focuses on a particular narrative, place, and time. It should be noted that other races and peoples will have different impressions of the past and even within the Empire there will be specific regional and racial accounts of events.

[top]The Ancient Aelyrians

The Aelyrian Empire currently encompasses a large portion of the eastern Medonian Continent. Before the conquest of these territories by Constantine and the Aelyrians, however, this vast territory was controlled by a variety of different human and non-human nations. The Ancient Aelyrians, on the other hand, initially inhabited only the small island of Insula Coronae.
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[top]Diana and the Kingdom of Aelyria (Eras 8216-8540)

The Kingdom of Aelyria on Insula Coronae was established by Diana after the great war between the Ancient Aelyrians and the Cyraxians. Diana also engineered the construction of the Aethergem in the hopes of protecting her people from further attack. She herself passed from the mortal realm into Aetheria, becoming a goddess and the consort of Ioannes. Because of her foundational role Diana was until very recently revered as the patron deity of the Empire.
Further Reading: Historia, Epic History of Aelyria

[top]King Constantine (Eras 8540-9203)

After Diana’s ascension, another Aelyrian by the name of Constantine became King through his own ingenuity and cunning. Constantine was ambitious and, as King, had access to the power of the Aethergem. He looked to the Medonian Continent to enlarge his Kingdom, using a combination of advantageous alliances, political maneuvering, and force establish his rule. The first territories he conquered were Hriemalis (the territory of modern Aelyria Prime), Luctadomum (modern Abestat), Phondra (part of modern Sherian), and Daltina (the modern territory of Maeve).

[top]Constantine’s Queens

As the influence of the Aelyrians expanded, King Constantine encountered, and married, a series of powerful women from the continent. Many of these Queens were instrumental in the development of the Empire. It is also largely through their influence that control of the Empire shifted from the hands of Ancient Aelyrians to humans, elves, and the other mortal races.

[top]Queen Candace (Eras 9203-9246)

Queen Candace was a half-elf from the former Kingdom of Daltina and Constantine’s first wife. She was an extremely powerful woman who was largely responsible for the reorientation of Constantine’s Kingdom toward the Medonian Continent and breaking the political influence of the Ancient Aelyrians in the government. Ultimately, however, she betrayed Constantine with a barbari prince from the north named Antediluvian, causing a war which resulted in Constantine’s conquest of the northern reaches and the city of Arkdün (the modern territory of Northumbria).

[top]Queen Michelle (Eras 9246-9412)

Queen Michelle was an elf from the ancient Kingdom of Medonia (modern Medonia) who was largely responsible for bringing that area under Aelyrian rule. Her reign was marked by a consolidation of power within the growing Empire. This is most visible in the aftermath of the rebellion of the elven Kingdom of Coldmoon (a territory surrounding the modern city of New Coldmoon), which was violently quelled by the infamous Viceroy Tor Totalitat. Following the Elven Rebellion, Michelle centralized the governing authority of the crown - henceforth called "Imperium" - and thus formally established the Aelyrian Empire. Because of her enormous impact, Empress Michelle acquired the epithet “the Great” and is still widely celebrated.

[top]The Later Queens (Eras 9412-9601)

After the death of Michelle, Emperor Constantine fell into a deep depression and was hardly engaged in governing the Empire. As a result, the Imperial Senate elected a series of women to be his consort and to rule in his stead. The abilities and impact of these women varied widely; Queen Charisma, the first of these women, was well respected and is known for the centralization of the Church of the Faith; Queen Jaedah who followed her, however, was weak, and Queen Anna, known as ‘the Strict’, is best known for formalizing the lawcode of the realm. The next Queen was Melody de Lylles of the Lylles family of Lauryl. With her ascension and the integration of the territory of Lauryl, the Empire reached its furthest extent. Her family, the Lylles, were economically powerful and have continued to hold sway within the Empire to this day.

The last Queen was Lady Fire Mystia, a fire elemental who came into conflict with the Church of the Faith. The ensuing struggle, sometimes called the “Chesley Affair”, saw a schism in the Church of the Faith and a rebellion led by the ambitious Archprelate Maximilian which ended in vicious inquisitions instituted by Fire Mystia and her loyalists in the Church. The terror of the inquisitions led to a popular uprising which spelled the end of an era in the history of the Empire.
Further Reading: Historia, Epic History of Aelyria, Chesley Affair, Rebellions of the Second Empire, History of the Lylles

[top]Alyssa Chrysinaria (Eras 9709-9915)

Fire Mystia was the last of the Queens to rule as Constantine’s consort. Alyssa Chrysinaria, the next Empress, was also elected to her position by the Imperial Senate but ruled in her own right. Her reign was a great era prosperity and peace that is sometimes referred to as the Pax Aelyriana. This peace came to a violent end, however, when Alyssa Chrysinaria was poisoned by agents of the Xet Alliance from the west.
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[top]The Interregnum (Eras 9915-10224 [Era XIX PF])

The period following Alyssa Chrysinaria’s assassination was one of political upheaval and intermittent invasions by the Xet. Alyssa’s successor, the Intendant Thalia de Lylles, was herself corrupted by the Xet and abetted the first invasion of the Alliance, who managed to occupy the city of Medonia for a brief period. The Church of the Faith was also thrown into turmoil by these events, as many within the Church had supported Thalia.

The ascension of Valerian Constantius, a son of King Constantine, after Thalia's overthrow appeared to herald a new beginning for the Empire. In the end, however, Valerian was corrupted by madness. Rule passed to the hands of humans, first the Regent James de Rothchild, then Alexander Nighthawk, and finally the Mage Julos, who briefly attempted to establish a Mageocracy after the cataclysmic fracture of the Aethergem, the Aetherfracture, drastically changed the use of magic in the realm.

But not everyone was willing to follow Julos and his mages; civil war broke out, with the opposition gradually coalescing around Audrey de Lylles, a scion of the powerful Lylles family. Audrey’s bid for the throne was successful, in part because she was favoured by the spirit of Constantine himself, but her rule was brief. The Empire continued to be plagued by rebellions and civil war, first in Jaedaxia and then in Sherian during the reign of Prince Milo l’Evienne, as well as incursions of the Xet along the western border of the Empire. In the end, order was restored under the General Rhysatra, who was proclaimed Empress by the twin spirits of Constatine and Alyssa Chrysinaria themselves.
Further Reading: The Interregnum, Recent Events in Aelyria


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