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A Primer to the Economy

A guide to the mechanics of the Aelyrian economy.



The Economy of the Aelyrian Empire is the backbone of the free and open commerce throughout the land. Citizens buy, sell, trade and barter for goods at local marketplaces in almost every city, and goods traverse not just throughout the Empire, but from distant and far away lands that engage in their own trade.

[top]Wealth and Poverty

Individuals and businesses in Aelyria can become wealthy if the right choices are made but there is always a tricky tightrope to walk as the wrong move can send either a business or an individual into supreme poverty! Wealth is measured in different ways throughout the empire, depending on the community where a person resides, but there is a system over the game to help guide people and businesses into an understanding of where they stand in the grand scheme of things.
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In some of the more remote and rural areas of the empire people still adhere to the barter system, trading goods and services in exchange for other goods and services. To these people coin is not a necessity; coin is often considered a luxury in bartering communities.
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The Aelyrian Empire has three coins in circulation: the gold crown, the silver shield and the copper sword. All of the coins have the same face to them, bearing the image of the current ruler with the words "Lex, Orde, Iustitaque" (Law, Order, Justice) arching over the top of the sovereign. The name of the current ruler is printed just beneath their image.
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Banknotes, or cheques, are pieces of paper marked with the bank's seal that entitles an individual to the amount of money notated on the slip. These notes can be used in lieu of hauling large sums of money from one location to the next by exchanging these banknotes at other banks.
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Banks can be found throughout Aelyria's larger cities and towns. These institutions are responsible for holding money either for withdrawal or loans. The largest bank institution is known empire-wide as the Bank of Aelyria and can be found in the largest trade cities in the empire.
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Taxation is usually a matter of necessity or opinion. Usually, the Emperor receives advice from the Imperial Treasurer suggesting that funds would be necessary for an undertaking; or, as is almost always the case, the Lord Exchequer, to whom the responsibility of carrying out the policies of the Emperor and his Imperial Court falls, would initiate a order calling forth for the raising of taxes. Alternatively, the Imperial Senate may specifically call upon the Lord Exchequer to raise taxes for an undertaking. Under all circumstances, the levying of taxes is executed ultimately with the Emperor's consent.
Further Reading: Taxation


Credit goes to Nimh and Kaelon.

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