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A Primer to Time

A Primer to time and its keeping in Aelyria.

Timekeeping in Aelyria



The Calendar, or Kalendyr named after its patron the planetar Kalendryas, is the common way of telling time in Aelyria. It is a recently adopted time system, chosen when members of the Society of Kalendryas acknowledged the lengthening of the Aelyrian Year. It widely replaced the Kalendryan System, but some small corners of the world remain antagonistic.
Further Reading: Kalendryas, Society of Kalendryas

[top]The Basics

A single Aelyrian year is made up of twelve (12) months. Each month has five (5) weeks. Every week is made up of ten (10) days. Thus in total there are six hundred (600) days in a single Aelyrian year, with the new year always beginning on the first day of Ponutis. There are twenty-nine (29) hours in a single day.

The older Kalendryan System also used the measurement of a pattern to denote a set of either two or three years based on the position of Telath’s three suns, though this has fallen out of use due to the recent change in the Aelyrian skies.
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[top]The Months of the Year

Each new Aelyrian year begins on 1 Ponutis, which occurs mid-winter. There are four seasons in each year.
Winter: (1) Ponutis, (2) Melora

Spring: (3) Cryxatum, (4) Aperitus, (5) Optia

Summer: (6) Ulyris, (7) Ioannes, (8) Imperos

Autumn: (9) Tempris, (10) Junctior, (11) Kalendryas

Winter: (12) Immanis

[top]The Days of the Week

An Aelyrian week begins on Solaria and extends for ten days. Each day has a specific name.
Week: (1) Solaria, (2) Dianara, (3) Ioannolia, (4) Carmelyana, (5) Aslanica, (6) Thera, (7) Srennia, (8) Orodisia, (9) Kuras, (10) Lunaria

[top]Telling Time

Aelyrian Candlemarks
The day in Aelyria is divided into hours. There are twenty-nine (29) hours in a single day. Of these hours, fourteen (14) of those occur during the day, while fifteen (15) occur during night. Currently, years are counted as “Eras Post-Fractum”, or the years since the shattering of the Aethergem. For example, Era XIX Post-Fractum would be the nineteenth year since the Gem’s fracture.
Further Reading: A Brief History of Aelyria
Time is monitored by a group of stargazers and skywatchers that go by the name Kalendryans, or the Society of Kalendryas. These individuals maintain records over the course of eras, keeping track of important holidays and announcing new ones as they come. Solarians, an inner circle within the Society, are responsible for keeping track of the suns' daily progression through the use of sun-dials.
Further Reading: Society of Kalendryas, Holidays in Aelyria

[top]Timestamping in Aelyria

The current season and era is always posted as an announcement at the top of each of the game forums. Any threads posted must take place during this time frame. Players should start each thread by an indication of the season and era. Any further details, such as exact month, day, or time, is determined by the moderator or, if none is involved, between the players present in the thread.
Further Reading: A Players' Guide to Moderation

[top]Ageing in Aelyria

People in Aelyria age once a year. For example, a person who is twenty-four (24) years old in Era XIV Post-Fractum will turn twenty-five (25) years old in Era XV. Many races have shorter or longer expected lifespans and very different maturation rates.
Further Reading: A Primer to Playable Races, A Primer to Companionship Races, Age Race Chart


Originally written by Nimh with edits by Mimesis and Duvel.

Contributors: Indefinite, Maddyn, Charybdis
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