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A Primer to Political Factions

A primer to political factions in Aelyria.



As a sovereign nation rife with vibrant cultures and peoples, the Aelyrian Empire is, at its heart, a political machine. Comprised of old and ancient kingdoms and diverse societies, much of the Aelyrian style of government is a compromise between the centralized nucleus of power on the Insula Coronae in Aelyria Prime and more local customs of the societies that the Empire has brought into its nation either by war, diplomacy, or a combination of both. As a result, the Aelyrian political scene is truly a disparate collection of powers, some obvious, others less so, with equally dissimilar spheres of influence, motivations, and methods. Individuals seeking to involve themselves in the political arena of the Empire can find rampant opportunities to suit their particular skills or interests as they so desire.
Note: Politics is not an experience-gaining or levelable skill in the game. Instead, knowledge, reputation, and experience with particular political factions should be considered lore and/or in-game connections.

[top]Imperial Factions

The central source of all political power in the Aelyrian Empire is the current reigning emperor or empress. In times past the Rite of the Aethercrown, an ancient ceremony with the physical crown itself, would decide the chosen ruler who was believed to be the destined of the goddess Diana, the former Ancient Aelyrian who was raised to be the Queen of Aetheria and the patron of the Aelyrian Empire.

After the Aetherfracture which shattered the Aethergem and the magic it contained, the succession was questioned and a series of civil wars broke out between the different claimants, all citing different methods for their appointment. With Diana’s Fall and her assumed destruction, it is no longer assumed that the Aelyrian ruler’s power derives directly from the gods.

As a result, recent emperors and empresses have seized power, often using visions, appearances of ancient rulers, strength of arms, or other reasoning to legitimize their claim. The current empress is Rhysatra, a bandit-turned-general-turned empress, who ended the previous civil war between House Lysandria-Lylles and House Ioannes. Threllius de Lylles II, the archduke and prince of House Lysandria-Lylles and former Imperial claimant, was appointed First Minister and is considered the current hands of the Imperial government. Arctic de Ioannes was appointed Viceroy and appointed with ridding the Western lands of the Xetan menace.

The heart of the Imperial government resides in the Forum in Aelyria Prime. From its authority stems the power of each provincial governor, who in turn appoints thanes and other officials. Many houses and individuals have risen to influence through the path of these official positions and appointments, using the power derived from their political titles for their personal gain. They are, however, entirely dependent on the Crown, whoever wears it, and their current mood, as political positions can be given just as easily as stripped away. As a result, these factions tend to be considered “pro-Imperial” and interested in keeping the stability of the Imperial government as a way to maintain their influence. Their authority focused on the formation and keeping of the law, the administration of the Imperial Legions, and are funded through taxes and other government-apportioned funds.
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[top]Noble Factions

As a political entity in Telath, the Aelyrian Empire is relatively new and its current lands are composed of territories that once belonged to older historical cultures and nations that were bought or bartered for through war, diplomacy, negotiation, or other means. As a result, many vestiges of these independent states remain, including descendants of former ruling or governing houses whose allegiances are more regional to their originating cultures. Those whose positions were not recognized by the Aelyrian Empire for whatever reason are commonly known as barbari whose authority is typically only felt in the regions in which their history is the strongest.

Others were integrated into the Aelyrian Empire as part of the feudocratic structure and granted writs, land, and titles to legitimize their authority. While completely separate from the Imperial government structure, many nobles hold political office simultaneously with their hereditary and historic titles while others exist as a separate and sometimes contrary ruling structure. All noble titles with the exception of one include a grant of land that generally follow cultural norms rather than politically-drawn borders. Nobles are tasked with the responsibility of managing their land’s tenants and resources.

At the head of the feudrocratic system is the Emperor from whom the highest of noble titles, the dukedom, derives its authority. All other lesser titles may be granted in a cascading effect to the lowest, the knighthood. Many high-ranking noble houses appoint individuals or houses to lower ranks of nobility in order to strengthen their influence and claims in their areas of influence. As a result, all nobles are considered vassals of the house which appointed their original title and are typically loyal to the higher-ranking titles in their regional area. This can often put nobility at a contrary head with the political structure in place as their authority, despite stemming from different systems, overlaps.

There is strife between the old houses that can trace their lineage back for centuries and the newer generation of nobility raised to power more recently. The former, known colloquially as the “Old Guard”, include factions such as House Lylles whose two families have supplied emperors and empresses and whose history is as long as the Aelyrian Empire’s. Their scope of influence has long been undisputed and they consider themselves of a far more ancient and respected breed than the newer nobles. The latter, often called the “New Guard”, have consolidated Imperial legitimacy outside the bounds of the traditional ducal lords and thus threatens the Old Guards’ stranglehold on power.
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[top]Economic Factions

[top]Religious Factions

[top]Criminal Factions

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