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A Primer to Planar Cosmology



For many millennia, the inhabitants of Aelyria have observed the nature of their existence and their universe with a degree of understanding that far surpasses that of other civilizations. Yet, it was only recently through the direction of the planar theorist Jade Ashald, in collaboration with the Academy of Magic Sciences in Aelyria Prime, that specific observations could be measured and recorded, presenting for the first time a clearer understanding of the Multiverse. Cosmology is the study of the skies, and its term has been derived from the ancient practice of stargazing. The word’s meaning is erroneous, however, when applied to the study of the Cosmos of Existence. Cosmology in the Aelyrian Empire is a detailed examination of the alternate planes of existence and their relationship to one another. The latter case serves a particularly important significance, for each plane exerts its own force upon Aelyria and its understanding is central for self-determination.

[top]The Multiverse, Aerysia

The World of Aelyria and the universe in which it exists adheres to a specific set of physical rules and stipulations; such a set of circumstances is known as a plane. Each Plane of Existence has its own laws of interaction creating in effect a reality relative to its inhabitants. Those who exist in other planes may find the laws of any certain plane foreign or unrealistic, or, alternatively, very familiar. Variance in the planes is dramatically large, and as a consequence one can never be certain just how different a plane can be from native experiences. The Multiverse is the aggregate sum of all planes, and the complete totality of all existences has been called by the ancients a single word: Aerysia.
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[top]Gods, Demigods, and Planetars

Most of the denizens of the planes are passive subjects bound to the will of the plane itself, living their lives and forced to adhere to the laws of interaction set forth in those planes. But some creatures of immense power have varying capacities to toy with the rules of physics. The mightiest of these are the gods, who are attuned to the plane and can harness its awesome power to impose their will upon the denizens of the native plane, and quite possibly on other planes, as well. Lesser gods, or demigods, have a limited ability to operate periodically outside of the boundaries of the laws of the plane, but are not attuned to the heart of the plane’s power in the way that gods are. They often serve the ruling gods of the plane.

A relatively new phenomenon in planar metaphysics has emerged, and though the idea was widely considered foreign to the basis of cosmology, it has begun to gain acceptance given the growing body of evidence and scholarly work surrounding it. Some creatures derive their power not from the plane that they inhabit, but instead from the worship that they receive from denizens of other planes. Known as planetars, these powerful beings channel the power of worship to create planes of their own imagination, entirely bound to their existence and sharing their fate. However, their ability to influence other planes is severely limited by the amount of worship that they themselves receive.
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[top]The Outer Planes

At the periphery of the Multiverse are the Planes of Order and Discord, opposing each other as the sources of all Power from which all other planes derive their existence. Often extremely perilous to access, if not outright impossible, the Planes of Order and Discord have are considered living entities of their own, separate from any of their denizens.

[top]Aetheria, the Celestial Plane

A great palace-city of marble resting upon a floating isle of crystalline rock is known as Aetheria, and is often described as the most beautiful place in existence. The midnight blue skies are filled with shimmering lights and stars that travel throughout the infinite plane, centering upon the great Celestine Throne, from which Ioannes, the God of Order, rules. Throughout Aetheria, the lesser celestial gods reign and rule, harnessing the immense power generated by the plane itself, and using it to exert their will upon lesser planes.
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[top]Rixx, the Plane of the Afterlife

Known by many names to different cultures and races, Rixx, the Plane of Afterlife, is an infinite realm of innumerable clouds whereupon the souls of the righteous dead are welcomed into eternal paradise. Beautiful golden palaces, lush and fertile parks and gardens, and vast fountains populate the Plane of Afterlife, but it is said that the spirits who commune with Rixx are bound into the heart of this plane, and manifest their own versions of this paradise.
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[top]Sonos, the Plane of Truth

Though Aslan, God of Honor, spends most of his time in Aetheria, his birthplace was the Plane of Truth, the land of Sonos, and his minion, Caron, oversees the realm as his personal honor. Though infinite in its scope, Sonos is accessible to corporeal beings as but a small valley surrounded by a thick, evergreen forest. A chilly wind fills the air, as the halcyon skies shift with the uncertainty of a pending challenge. The Plane of Truth is the Realm of Heroes, and most honored of the righteous dead. Here, they exist in perpetual adventure, a neverending crusade of glory and honor.
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Transcending the three realms of Sonos, Rixx and Aetheria is a mighty staircase constructed of pure white marble. Extending throughout the skies, twisting and spiralling within time and space, the Excaleris is a never-ending path across the infinite void of the Multiverse.
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[top]Aeternia, the Infernal Plane

Immersed in a realm of molten lava, bursting flames and an impenetrable shredding ice at its core, Aeternia is the Infernal Plane, the land of absolute darkness. Populated by demons and their impish ilk, Aeternia is ruled tyrannically by Jorel, the God of Chaos, and assisted by a cohort of lesser demigods, including Meephos, the God of Gluttony and Passion; his wife, Haya, the Goddess of Lust and Pestilence; and, Jalat, the God of Death. A realm of complete and utter pain and suffering, Aeternia is the origin of discord in the Multiverse.
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[top]Krypta, the Plane of Everdeath

At the end of a deep-black, oozing river of souls known as the Umblat, is a vast port constructed entirely of bones; this is Krypta, the Plane of Everdeath. At the Port of Everdeath, the immortal souls of the newly dead arrive to stream into the infinite, twisting void of madness and misery that is the plane. Here, Jalat, the God of Death, rules with twisted pleasure.
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[top]Velys, the Plane of Lies

At the other banks of the Umblat, is a vast waterfall that churns itself into a new existence, rending all of the souls caught in its tide. This is the entrance to Velys, the Plane of Lies. Enslaved by the fat demigod Turtas, serving the will of Meephos, the God of Gluttony, Velys is a realm of complete trickery.
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[top]The Umblat

Trudging its way turbulently throughout the Planes of Discord is a thick, slimy blackened river of souls known simply as the Umblat. Though its source is rumored to be in the Heart of Darkness of Aeternia, it parts into two tributaries: the first, drying up at the Port of Everdeath, overlooked by the massive Soulforge Keep of Krypta, the Plane of Everdeath; and, the second, converging into a spiralling, destructive waterfall, rending all souls caught in its wake and sending them into the twisting nether of Velys, the Plane of Lies.
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[top]Inner Planes

Some divine beings are born not of their own volition, but through the worship of denizens at the Core of the Multiverse - the mortals of the Material Plane. These powerful beings are the Planetars, who wield absolute and complete power over their own plane, and enjoy this omnipotence to exert their suggestion upon the Core Planes. The Planes of Influence, as they are known, are the home realms of the Planetars, each synonymous with the Planetar's will and personality. Only foolish adventurers would travel there with the intent to challenge a Planetar, since doing so would be done under his conditions alone.

[top]Plane of Time

The Plane of Time is filled with magical time-keeping devices in a deceptively serene and tranquil colorful forest. Kalendryas has conjured up minions under the pretense of protecting her realm, but in actuality she sends them on missions to other planes to engage in time-related trickery.
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[top]Plane of Power

The Plane of Power is a realm of untold opportunities and countless rewards for the bold and daring, but for the foolish and weak, its traps can consign one to oblivion and destruction. Covered in a sea of ever-flowing fire, the largest structure is at the very center of the plane, a mighty tall citadel of pure blackened steel and stone. From within its mighty chambers, atop the grandest throne in the mightiest tower, sits Rak, influencing the behaviors of man and mortal alike.
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[top]Plane of Peace

Situated in a crystal-blue Sea of Tranquility, the Paxularia, or the Isle of Peace rests with supreme serenity. Graceful windmills fuel a light, sleepy industry that generates all of the food that the inhabitants might require, for Srennius has built for those who would live in his plane a palace for contemplation, meditation, and pursuits of the mind.
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[top]Plane of the Hearth

One of the smallest planes of influence is the Plane of the Hearth, little more than a vast, glorified inn across the massive span of eternity. Home to Materna, Planetar of the Hearth, the First Mother, the Plane of the Hearth is known among the Planes of Influence as a neutral territory, accessible to all who seek a place to rest and recover, relax and forget about all worries and troubles. Renowned for its nurturing compassion, the nameless inn within the Plane of the Hearth is staffed by a myriad of mortals and planar denizens alike who have pledged themselves to carry out Materna's will.
Further Reading: Materna, the First Mother, Plane of the Hearth

[top]Plane of Love

The Plane of Love is known to be different for every person who ever visits, molding itself to the desires and needs of the planar traveler. It is perhaps for this very reason that many people are unsure if what they are experiencing is real, or simply a dream come true. The Love Maker has her agenda, however, and she is known to craft a miniature world so perfect as to completely satisfy and fulfill the hearts of all who have experienced it.
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[top]Plane of Hate

Born from the hatred and scorn, fury and anger that boils over in the hearts of mortals, the Plane of Hate is ruled by the God of Wrath, the Suzerain of Pain, Ainlar. It is a vast, never-ending city crafted in the most torturing of terms - with streets that lead to certain death, buildings from which there is no escape, and spiraling catwalks that suddenly vanish plunging its hapless travelers down into a pit of eternal despair.
Further Reading: Ainlar, Planetar of Hate, Plane of Hate

[top]The Core Planes

While the Outer Planes are existences born unto themselves and hosts of the Gods, and the Inner Planes are existences born from the autonomous will of super-powerful beings, the Planetars, the Core Planes are twisting nethers of pure energy, born from the Material Plane itself. The convergence of the Planes of the Arcane resulted in the Core Catalysis which created the Material Plane, though no one is in true agreement who could have caused such a mighty catalyst, and mortals tend to believe their own fantastic mythologies for answers. The Core Planes have no natural order, and as such, the only denizens are those who are trapped between existences, or those who have temporarily projected themselves thusly.

[top]Astral Plane

Practitioners of Arcana know well enough the origin of their powers: the chaotic energies of the Astral Plane, a realm of infinite swirling essences the colors of the wind. When entering a state of meditative trance, mages are actually engaging in a spiritual projection of their inner energy, or Vis, into the alternate Astral Plane. Therein, mortal minds perceive only eight Essence Planes, all interwoven with the fabric of the transitive Astral Plane. These planes each are infinite repositories of Ara, or energy building-blocks, of all matter in the Material Plane.
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[top]Ethereal Plane

Spirits, the souls of the dead, enter the Ethereal Plane in order to reach both the Excaleris and the Umblat, and travel to the Outer Planes can only be achieved through the Ethereal Plane itself, requiring an enormous amount of power that few, if any, mortals possess. Immortal souls that manage to pierce through the Ethereal Plane, however, often emerge as the spirits of the undead, haunting the Material World in the misery of having failed to reach the afterlife.
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[top]Plane of Shadow

The Plane of Shadow is a long, cylindrical plane that stretches oddly past an infinite number of alternate cosmologies. If the entire Cosmological expression of the Material Plane and its neighboring and relative planes is but one existence, the Plane of Shadow can touch upon the innumerable alternate existences that no doubt thrive, each with their own alternate Material Plane, alternate cosmologies, and alternate beings driven by separate time lines.
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[top]The Plane of the Material

At the heart of our Multiverse is the Plane of the Material, our physical universe, with its stars, planets, galaxies, and other fantastic realms of existence immediately within manifestation. The conglomerated product of the interaction between all of the Astral Planes, the Material Plane is covered entirely by the Ethereal Plane, and pierced in one spot only by the neverending Plane of Shadow. The World of Telath, Heart of Aerysia, is known to be the finest spot of creation, where all of the powers and influneces converge in a single spot. But even within the Plane of the Material, there are Demiplanes, or pockets of alternate existence, bound inexplicably to our own.


Homeland of the Fae Folk and the Leprechauns, Kel'rondar is the Demiplane of the Wilds, where the Will of the Earth and of the entire Material Plane, exerted upon a mirror existence. Here the very non-mortal fabric of life became personified and imbued with the characteristics of sentience. Dwelling within this fantastic realm, directly beneath the heartlands of the Medonian Continent, are denizens formed and shaped half of animal and half of man.
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