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A Primer to Geography

Aelyrian Empire Map
The basic information on the lands, features and the phenomena of the world of Telath.


[top]The Aelyrian Empire

The Aelyrian Empire is presently divided geographically into eleven provinces. Each province has a unique history and culture binding its inhabitants to one another and this sets the tone of engagement with other provinces throughout the land as well as with the Imperial Crown.

Each province is then separated by topography and terrain into Regions. Regions may consist of many cities and towns of the Empire, or none at all, and can all be considered to be unique and variable.
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The eleven provinces of the Aelyrian Empire.
One of the most variable regions within the Empire, and home to the capital city of Aelyria Prime, which lies within the Colonia region, surrounded by heavily cultivated farmland. The Crown Province of Prime also features the lush farmland of The Fields, the purple slopes of the Khardran Mountains, the impassable Loremark Forest, and the coastal hills of the Gulf of Ioannolia.
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The United Arium Directorate lies in the central north of the Aelyrian Empire. It is a cold and harsh tundra, with hardy people. It has four main regions, the Great Mountains, the Hesperian Steppes, The Nodmoor and Solace Isle.
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The Administrate of Centripax lies within the centre of the Empire, with varied seasons of hot summers and bitterly cold winters. It has three main regions, the Dwarflands, the Great Centripax Basin and Subterranea.
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The Nesocratic Federation of Eunesia is an archipelago of islands in the north of the Empire, within the Sea of Euneisa. These islands include Tulos, Arios, Ieffreon, Olympia, Secyclion and Chelseanna.
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The Lylles Kingdom of Lauryl is the western most province within the Empire, known for its sweeping plains and beautiful forests. The regions within this province include Atlantia, the Forest of Light, Oakpine Preserve, Lake Melody and the Myst Marshes.
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Named for it ruling Ducal House, the District of Maeve is the eastern half of the province once known as Enamoria. The regions within the province include the Midlands and the Maevewood.
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The western half of the former province of Enamoria, neighbouring Maeve, is the Refuge of Medonia. This region known for its pleasant and temperate coastline and woodlands, is split into three regions, Medonia, the Dolwoods and Modisia.
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The Principality of Moonstone stretches from the northern to the southern coasts of the Empire, a narrow province newly formed by the Imperial throne. Its many and variable regions include, Evergrove, Bellewoods, the High Desert, Sylrosian Forests and the Bay of Kyathis.
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The Republic of Northumbria is the north-western portion of the province formally known as Carmelyn. Known for its extreme variability of regions, from the volcanic Fire Isles to the icy peninsula of Libertas Bay, other regions in this province include the Kaldiran Basin, Kriskin Peaks, Arkdun Wilds and the Plains of Eutopia.
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The Confederation of Sherian is the south-eastern most region of the Empire. It is a hostile and war torn environment, its southern and most isolated coast, the Katishandra Region warm and tropical, but near impossible to reach. Other regions within the province include Phondra, Orckon, Hardscrabble and The Deadlands.
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The Hierocracy of Vesta is the south-western portion of the province that had once been Carmelyn. Host to the seat of the Church of the Faith, this province is split into two regions,Grumblewood and Ioannes Basin
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[top]The Known World

Map of the Known World
Outside of the Aelyrian Empire is a wide range of other nations and cultures.

[top]Medonian Continent

Nations that exist within the Medonian Continent include the aforementioned Aelyrian Empire, as well as the Xet Alliance, the Lamian Empire, Kalyra, Majistan, Kel'rondar and Fae'rel. It should be noted that both Kel'rondar and Fae'rel are not technically within the Material Plane, however the entrances to these magical fae realms can be found in the regions indicated on the map.

[top]Western Ocean

Within the western ocean is the nations of Kattaria, Syl and Dolud

[top]The Bellenic Sea

Nations that exist within the Bellenic Sea include Tur, K'Terak, Daltice, Selin, Trelore and Nimalnus

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