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A Primer to Companionship Races

Within the Aelyrian Empire there are a number of different races with distinctive appearances and traits. Many of these races can be chosen by players when creating their character for Aelyria, though some require a Companionship Subscription. In this Companionship Race Primer you will find a brief overview of all the races within Aelyria that can only be played with a subscription. For more information on an individual race or subrace you will find more detailed pages linked within.

For the races that can be played without a subscription please see: A Primer to Playable Races


[top]Trelorean Elves

Trelorean Elves are the ancestors from which all other sub-species were born. They are long-lived, graceful and regal to behold. They are widely admired, sometimes feared, and invariably respected.


Sylvyn Elves
The forest-dwelling elves of Trelore, they are shorter than the other Trelorean elves, and bear the colourings of the forest, brown and green, with tanned skin.
Further reading: Sylvyn Elves

Juive'len Elves
The winged elves of Trelore are often mistaken for the Ancient Aelyrians, however their colouring is very different. Juive'len elves' coloring ranges from the lightest of silvers to the darkest of grays, hair and skin often taking on the same hue.
Further reading: Juive'len Elves

Quel'anthasan Elves
The High Elves of Trelore, they are much more colourful then the other Trelorean elves. Shades of their hair ranges from golden colors to astonishing purples, oranges, and reds nearly every shade but brown, blue, and black. Their eye color may be any shade except pale light blue or brown. Skin color is usually a palette of pale colors and sometimes can be light blue or faint lavender tone.
Further reading: Quel'anthasan Elves

[top]Ancient Aelyrians

The Ancient Aelyrians are a race of intensely beautiful but deeply flawed humanoids notable for their feathered wings. Though greatly powerful and hailing from a civilization of unparalleled advancement, the Ancients are blessed with superior intellect and a terrifying command over magic but cursed with unstable emotions and volatile personalities.
Further reading: Ancient Aelyrians


A large and fearsome creature whose strength of arms is rivaled only by the strength of their odors, the Ogre is a creature of great size and girth that seems to forever be on a march to war.
Further reading: Ogres


Fearsome mythological creature with a head of a bull or cow, and body of a human.
Further reading: Minotaurs


The Daelagians or Night Dwarves are a sub-race from the standard dwarf, though similar in appearance, the night have skin is usually fairly dark and brown in color, though this can range from a light brownish shade to a dark reddish-brown tinge. Their eyes, by contrast, are quite pale, and are typically gray or blue in color, and their hair is usually black or brown
Further reading: Daelagians

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