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A Primer to Beasts

A guide to beasts both dangerous and gentle in the Aelyrian Empire.



With a wide range of climates and terrain found within its borders, the Aelyrian Empire is host to many varieties of flora and fauna that any given adventure may encounter throughout their travels. As such it would be impossible to list everything that someone might see, battle or even take on as a pet through the course of his or her life. Animals that are mundane in nature, such as cows, sheep, cheetah or jaguars, did not make this list but those does not mean that they are not plentiful throughout their respective terrains. Instead, animals more unique or spectacular to the Aelyrian landscape have been documented for easy referencing.

[top]Domestic Beasts

Domestic beasts are many and varied through the empire but by and large domestic animals tend to refer to those animals that serve a function to the Aelyrian people. While some do keep animals simply for the sake of having a pet, such as a cat or a dog, a majority of domesticated beasts are located on farmsteads and help out with the physical labor, such as draft horses, or are a source of income by producing products, such as with cows or sheep. These creatures can vary dramatically depending on both the region and the race or culture possessing them.

Examples of domesticated animals include and are not limited to:

[top]Wild Beasts

There are an extraordinary number of wild beasts found throughout the empire, making the wilderness often a dangerous place to traverse when traveling from one place to another. No landscape is without its terrors and all of those who move along the open road--and especially off the road--should beware!


While the largest desert in Aelyria, the Arakmat Desert experienced devastation in the wake of the Black Fog, some desert creatures have managed to survive and have crept back into the deserts to wreck havoc on those making their crossing. Desert beasts are typically able to survive under extreme heat conditions and go for long periods of time without water. They do not survive well when taken out of these environments.

Examples of desert creatures include but are not limited to:


Forests throughout Aelyria can vary in climate and terrain, ranging from humid jungle lands such as those found on Ieffreon to frozen evergreens in the Great Mountains. As such, the types of creatures that can be found in forests are just as varied as the trees in which they make their homes.

Examples of forest creatures include but are not limited to:


Mountain beasts may be those found in low valleys, high peaks or deep in cave systems that wind themselves throughout mountain ranges. The beasts that live in these may be common only to the low areas or the extreme heights.

Examples of mountain beasts include and are not limited to:


Plains creatures are denizens of rolling meadows, grassy flats and even the fields of farmers.

Examples of plains beasts include but are not limited to:


Animals that reside in swampy regions prefer a moist and temperate environment. Some fens beasts are able to adapt to cooler climates, depending on the region.

Examples of swamp creatures:


Water beasts may reside in either salt or freshwater or, in rare instances, may move between both. Water creatures may be terrors of the deep or a delicious food...or both.

Examples of water beasts include:

[top]Rare Beasts

Rare beasts are the mythological creatures of legend and lore, such as the pegasus or the alicorn. They are seldom come across in any part of the empire either due to a solitary, reclusive nature or their small or dwindling numbers. In some cases the beasts are truly legends and so few reported sightings have been noted that most wonder if they actually exist.

Rare beasts include but are not limited to:
Moderator Note: Dragons will always require permission from the Help Desk to use in plots. Use of other rare beasts should be kept to a minimum and require a quest worthy of encountering such creatures.

[top]Racial Mutations

There are a few curses that can afflict the racial majority of Aelyria. These racial mutations usually occur after encountering previously cursed individuals, although this is not always the case.

Examples of racial mutations include:
Moderator Note: Racial mutations should occur after extensive and rewardable play and should seldom happen simply because a player has put in a request for the mutation.

[top]OOC Note

The above beasts are only examples of what can be found in Aelyria. We encourage moderators (peer and official staff alike) to create unique experiences for players when and where possible without remaining restricted to what is listed above. Please feel free to use the above examples while taking creative license (within what is reasonable to the landscape) to develop your own beasts or plants that might serve as unique rewards or experiences for players.


Credit goes to Nimh

Contributors: Indefinite, Ylva Cherhc, Nimh
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