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A Primer to Ageing by Race

Average lifespans and rates of maturity for the different races in Aelyria.

Ageing by Race



The many races of Aelyria are varied in physical shape, abilities, cultures, and geographical locations. While every mortal, no matter their race, age once per year, their rate of maturation varies significantly. Some, such as the Elves, are long-lived creatures whose single existence spans an entire millennia. Others, such as the Orcs, live only decades. These ranges are also subject to the sort of lifestyle, whether strenuous or safe, that the individual undertakes.
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[top]Maturation Rates

When first creating a character, it is much simpler to use an approximation of their age such as child or young adult. Later after the character has been more developed, a more exact number of years can be added in if the player so desires that level of detail.
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The age ranges are given in eras and are all approximate. Cultural considerations such as coming of age vary greatly even among different villages of the same race. Lifespan can also change with lifestyle, with dramatic life events or dangerous physical activity often shortening it.

[top]Short-Lived Races

Races who have truncated lifespans are typically those that live strenuous and dangerous lifestyles according to their culture and custom. Many are members of the bestial sub-races who have rapid maturation rates. They also have quicker reproduction rates, including multiple births and faster gestation terms, to match their shortened lifespans. Some races, such as the Orcs, Dorins, or Saurids, have truncated lifespans due to their combative and aggressive nature and cultural rites that emphasize violence to assert their supremacy.
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Race Child Adolescent Early Adult Middle Aged Elderly Notes
Dorin 0-4 5-8 9-20 20-40 40-50 Rarely live past 45
Katta 0-8 8-13 13-25 25-55 56-80 Rarely live past 70
Lutran 0-2 3-4 5-15 15-28 29-35 Rarely live past 35
Orc 0-4 5-8 8-16 16-40 41-80 Males rarely live past 16; Females rarely to 50
Rodenti 0-7 8-12 12-20 20-35 36-50 Both males and females live to 45+
Saurid, Male 0-3 3-5 6-12 12-20 21-40 Males live far shorter than females

[top]Average-Lived Races

Most humanoid races have lifespans over one to two centuries with half-elves at the upper end of these groups. These races have average maturation, gestation, and reproduction rates, with the latter two usually spanning from many months to a year or more.
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Race Child Adolescent Early Adult Middle Aged Elderly Notes
Cether 0-20 20-30 31-50 51-120 121-161 Both genders live longer with a peaceful lifestyle
Elf, Half 0-27 28-45 45-180 180-300 301-550 Based on human mix
Giant 0-44 45-60 60-120 120-199 200-250 Often cut short due to strenuous lifestyle
Gnome 0-12 13-20 21-100 100-190 191-300 Both genders live longer with a peaceful lifestyle
Human 0-13 13-15 15-30 30-50 50-100 Includes all subspecies
Merfolk 0-16 16-25 25-60 60-130 131-175 Often longer when living in their underwater cities
Minotaur 0-16 16-30 30-125 125-200 200-250 Females live longer to 250; males rarely to 175
Ogre 0-16 16-30 30-125 125-200 200-250 Females live longer to 250; males rarely to 150
Saurid, Female 0-3 3-5 6-12 12-80 81-200 Live significantly longer than males

[top]Long-Lived Races

Some known races have lifespans that often extend close to a full millennia. They are often called “timeless” due to their very slow ageing and maturation, both of which affect their particular cultures. These include races such as the Dracons and all subspecies of Dwarves, Elves, and Fae folk.

The Ancient Aelyrians and Dragons are immortal and will not die of old age.
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Race Child Adolescent Early Adult Middle Aged Elderly Notes
Dracon 0-13 14-50 50-400 400-600 600-900 Includes all subspecies
Dwarf 0-15 15-55 55-400 151-600 600-800 Includes all subspecies
Elf 0-15 15-80 80-450 450-750 750-1100 Includes all subspecies
Fae-Folk 0-17 18-100 100-450 450-700 700-900 Includes all subspecies


Interracial children produced will have a lifespan that will be the average of their two parents. For example, a half-human, half-orc would have an approximate life expectancy of about seventy (70) to eighty (80) years, with maturation rates also somewhere between those of both parents.


Original write-up by Adelaide Umbra

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