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A Primer to Aelyrian Currency

Information on the currency in the Aelyrian Empire.



The Aelyrian Empire has three coins in circulation. All of the coins have the same face to them, bearing the image of the current ruler with the words "Lex, Orde, Iustitaque" (Law, Order, Justice) arching over the top of the sovereign. The name of the current ruler is printed just beneath their image.

Guidelines for what wealth rankings would possess what coins are included in the below details of Aelyria's coins.
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[top]Copper Sword

The most common coin used throughout the empire is the copper sword. It is predominantly used to purchase food goods or obtain boarding at an inn, as well as allow for the purchase of other common items, such as nets, baskets or tools. Most commoners and villages would have easy access to the copper sword for payments.

The copper sword's primary composition is that of copper metal with a small amount of bronze. On the tail of the coin is a pair of swords crossed. Above the two crossed swords is the year of the coin's minting and wrapping around the base edges of the coin is a decorative wreath.
Note: Players of Bronze (1) and Sterling (2) tiers are more likely to possess copper swords than any other coin.

[top]Silver Shield

The silver shield is the second most common coin in Aelyria. It is used primarily to purchase items of some worth, such as a decent swords or a good horse. Small hamlets and remote areas are less likely to have silver shields available to them, while busier trade hubs will have them in greater abundance.

The silver shield's primary composition is that of bronze metal with a small amount of silver. On the tail of the silver shield is the image of a shield bearing Aelyria's crest. The year of the coin's minting rests squarely above the shield.

100 copper swords are equivalent to 1 silver shield.
Note: Steel (3) tier players are likely to possess and be capable of paying with both copper swords and silver shields. Sterling (2) tier players may also be able to pay for purchases that require a more low-end amount of silver shields. Bronze (1) tier players would not possess silver shields.

[top]Gold Crown

The gold crown is the least common coin in distribution and is used primarily for major purchases, such as for expensive houses, extravagant crystals or porcelains and rare items. Large cities are more likely to see a sizable quantity of gold crowns not only because of the higher number of merchants and wealthy denizens but because of the banks that are likely to preside in these places.

The gold crown is made entirely of gold and merchants will often bite the coin to check the authenticity of the metal, expecting it to bend under the applied pressure. In some instances biting will also reveal a counterfeit lead coin covered in a thin layer of gold, which would scrape away with the bite. On the back of the crown is the Imperial Warbird, the official guardian over the Aelyrian State. The words "Unus Populus, Una Patria, Unum Vox" (One People, One Country, One Voice) surround the borders along with the year of the coin's minting just under the warbird.

100 silver shields are equivalent to 1 gold crown.
Note: Ardentium (4) and Adamantite (5) tier players are typically able to pay with gold crowns with no trouble at all. Steel (3) tier players may be able to make the occasional gold crown purchase. Sterling (2) and Bronze (1) tier players would never be capable of making gold crown purchases.

[top]Equivalent Costs

In summary, although previously notated, the coins balance out as follows:

100 copper swords = 1 silver shield
100 silver shields = 1 gold crown


Banks are commonly found throughout the Aelyrian Empire in large, bustling cities were a large quantity of money is circulated. There are often several banks in operation in a given city. All banks serve two specific purposes: (1) to accept deposits and hold the money of their clients and (2) to offer loans to individuals for the purpose of business or trade. Some banks may offer other services but these would be unique to different branches.

[top]Deposits and Withdrawals

Anyone who wishes to may deposit money in any given Aelyrian bank. It must be noted that what money is deposited in a bank in one city will not be accessible through a city in another bank; there is no system in place to monitor what money is immediately available many miles away. Most banks charge for the privilege of keeping personal stores of money safe but this charge is different from one bank to another.

Gold crowns are more likely to be kept and held at the bank than either copper swords or silver shields on the basis that they are used less frequently in purchases and therefore their accumulation would require a place of holding. To this effect, most of those who use the bank would typically be those of considerable wealth.

Only citizens may deposit and withdraw money from the bank as doing so requires proof of identify with an Imperial Visa.
Note: Those of Bronze (1) and Sterling (2) tiers are unlikely to utilize banks to store their money. Steel (3) tier players might use the bank, although not commonly. Ardentium (4) and Adamantium (5) tiers are more likely to use banks although some Adamantium tier holders may choose to have their own gold strongholds, guarded by their own people.


Along with depositing money, banks may also be applied to for loans. How banks handle loans will vary depending on the branch but the general concept is that once someone applies for a loan, the bank determines whether or not they ought to lend that money. One of the largest considerations with a loan is if they can trust that the money be paid back by a designated date, usually at a higher cost to the borrower. All banks would have consequences should the money not be paid back, ranging from confiscation of whatever the money was for to turning the loanee over to the law. Rumors of physical violence as a result of unpaid loans are mostly just rumors; handling the matter in this fashion is not supported by Aelyrian law.

Any citizen can apply for a loan, not just those who use the bank to deposit money. The money that is handed over may be in physical coin form or in the form of banknotes.
Note: Banks are unlikely to approve loans for Bronze (1) or Sterling (2) tier players. Steel (3) tier players and above are more likely to meet with success when requesting a loan.


Banknotes, or cheques, are pieces of paper marked with the bank's seal that entitles an individual to the amount of money notated on the slip. These notes can be used in lieu of hauling large sums of money from one location to the next by exchanging these banknotes at other banks. For instance, someone with money in the bank at Primus Gaudeo may request a banknote for the sum of 200 crowns and carry this slip of paper to Aelyria Prime where another bank will review the bank seal and signature's authenticity before handing over the crowns to the person carrying the crown.
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All banknotes include the following: the bank's seal, the banker's signature, the name of the citizen the money is entitled to and the amount of money the banknote is good for, as well as the signature of the citizen in possession of the banknote.

Banknotes cannot be exchanged from one person or business to another; they are not accepted in exchange for a new horse or a room for a night. Hard coin is still required for business purchases of all sorts.

Only citizens of the empire are allowed to procure banknotes due to the fact that only those who keep money in the bank are able to obtain banknotes.
Note: Bronze (1), Sterling (2) and Steel (3) tier players are not likely to possess banknotes while Ardentium (4) and Adamantite (5) tiers are more likely to be able to hold banknotes.

[top]Barter System

In some of the more remote and rural areas of the empire people still adhere to the barter system, trading goods and services in exchange for other goods and services. To these people coin is not a necessity; coin is often considered a luxury in bartering communities.
Note: Bronze (1) and Sterling (2) tier players may often partake in the bartering system in order to survive. Steel (3) tier players and above rarely employ the bartering system but it is not unheard of either.


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